Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria


 Since November 2020, the Mother of God and Jesus appear to me and convey important messages for the world.

"Proclaim the message. This is my request to you - proclaim the message of God's love."

"Publish all my messages.

You receive messages from Heaven my child.

Let the world know."


54th message from 10.11.2022 "Isaiah 5"

53rd message from 05.11.2022 "Armor of light for the winter"

52nd message from 02.11.2022 "Tank by the sea“

51st message from 16.10.2022 "Bald eagle in a swoop"

50th message from 12.10.2022  "Trust & Warmth of Heart"

49th message from  05.10.2022 “At the Last Second”

48th message from 01.10.2022 "War is averted"

47th message from 27.09.2022 "From Sorrow to Gold"

46th message from 21.09.2022 "War is approaching!"

45th message from 01.09.2022 "A time of hardships" - part 2

44th message from 27.08.2022 "Order behind the eye of the needle"

43th message from 30.07.2022 "War at the doorstep!"

42nd message from 20.07.2022 "The peace and the mere being"

41st message from 05.07.2022 "Pray and believe in the good"

40th message from 04.07.2022 "The Disintegration of the Church & the Death of the Pope"

39th messages from 10.06.2022 "Artificial Scarcity & the Nets of the Antichrist"

38th message from 16.05.2022 "World War 3?! Peace is possible!"

37th message from 15.05.2022 "You shall recognize the wolf!"

36th message from 19.03.2022 "The bear, wheat, gas and rockets"

35th message from 18.03.2022  "The Wounds of the World Soul"

34th message from 17.02.2022 "The Judgment Day”

33th message from 12.02.2022  "Drinking water shortage & food prices"

32nd message from 02.02.2022 "Pray for peace"

31st message from 06.01.2022 “Who is ready”

30th message from 27.12.2021 "The Warning" Part 2 

30th message from 27.12.2021 "The Warning" Part 1

29th message from 11.12.2021 "The Way of the Cross of Humanity”

28th message from 05.12.2021 Message from Archangel Michael

27th message from 24.11.2021 "The Purification of Faith & The Purification of the Church"

26th message from 18.11.2021 "The Antichrist Part 2 & Message to All Parents"

25th message of Jesus from 23.10.2021 "The Antichrist"

24th message from 15. + 19.10.2021 "What is the price?"

23th message from 16.10.2021 "Have I Sown Love?"

22nd message from 22.09.2021 "Admonition to Mankind"

21st message from 17.09.2021 "Warning of the financial crash"

20th message from 15.08.2021 "Message to the Youth”

19th message from 13.08.2021 "Pope Francis"

18th message from 01.08.2021 Virgin Mary

17th message from 21.07.2021 "The Sun Rises"

16.2nd Message from 14.07.2021 "I am the Lord! I am the shepherd! I am the light!"

16.1st Message from 14.07.2021 "Give me your sins"

15th message from 23.06.2021  "Fear is not the truth"

13th message from 16.06.2021 "Love is Yours"

12th message from 15.06.2021 "The Flood Is Coming!"

11th message from 30.05.2021 "Do not lose faith"

10th message from 14.05.2021 "Pray for my children who have lost the way"

9th message from 03.05.2021 "Dark is the hour of humanity"

8th message April 2021 "The Collapse of the Church"

7th message from 08.03.2021  "There are only 2 ways"

6th message from 29.01.2021 "The Last Day - more detailed information"

5th message from 25.01.2021 "Dress Rehearsal" for the Last Day

4th message from 01.01.2021 "God Loves You"

3th message from 01.12.2020 The Mother of God confirms the task  

2nd message from 26.11.2020 Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus

1st message from 09.11.2020 Blessed Virgin Mary