Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

10th message from May 14, 2021 

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"Pray for my children who have lost the way"

Mary feels admonishing and warning.

She weeps.

A deep pain, a deep hurt.
"My children, thank you for answering my call.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to me.
The world is in great danger.
My mother's heart weeps with concern for the children of the earth.
For my beloved sons and daughters who have lost the way, the way to themselves, the way to God's graces.
Cruelty has taken hold.
Pray my children, pray for the souls of those who no longer know who they are.
Who have succumbed to the clutches of the Beast.
Who have succumbed to his tricky Outrage and Infamy.
Who can no longer distinguish truth from deceit.
Blessed are my children who feel the truth in their heart.
Blessed are those who are children of God in their heart and have not succumbed to the tricky deceptions.
My children the time is pressing."

Seer: "What can we do Mary?"

"Show your brothers and sisters the way to God. Point out the deceptions."

Seer: "They don't want to hear it."

"The truth will prevail.
The truth cannot be suppressed forever.
The truth is the truth and remains the truth as much as you try to reshape it.
Be patient with your brothers and sisters who have succumbed to the clutches.
Show them true love and compassion. Do not allow separation."

Mary wants to take care of all her children.

All we have to do is call her, She will be there. Any time because we are Her beloved children.

You are our beloved mother.

Question regarding the virus and vaccination:

"It is Wuchan.
There from the laboratory the virus comes and it was created.
The history of the virus goes back a long time and is planned by a long hand.
Many interests converge in the process."

"The so-called vaccines you asked about are not vaccines.
They serve a different purpose."

Question about Archbishop Vigano's information:

"He has received truthful messages."

"Humanity is at a crossroads.
Everything will happen very quickly now.
Trust in the Lord your Creator. Who will never let you fall.
You, His children, will find a place in His heart. And everything will always be provided for."

Question about supplies:

"You do well to prepare yourselves."

To the Seer M.:
"The spiritual world, the angels your relatives, all beings of light stand by you to support you in your mission to fight against the beast that is rising to its full height for the last time to drag the world into the abyss.
In the fight against the darkness many will give their lives. 
But they have made this up with God.
They die the symbolic death to open people's eyes.
To point out the grave grievances."

"The darkness will continue to spread my children, but pay no attention to it.
You still have a lean period ahead of you.
You are hidden in God's heart."

"Publish all my messages."

Seer: "What about the picture with the church?"

"You are receiving messages from Heaven my child.
Do you want to prune these?
Let the world know.
You are the light and love, you are in my womb."