Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


11th message from May 30, 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"Do not lose faith"

The holy mother appears huge. She is all white and has a bright white halo.
It is hard to describe.

She demonstrates her power and holiness. She is the mother of the universe and has power over the forces of the universe. Behind Her, you can see the universe in dark blue.

"I am the Queen of Peace. I come to you on this day because time is short.
You are my adored children who receive my manifold blessings.

My children whom I endow with my love.
Be confident of my blessings, of my protection, of my mantle which I have placed over you.
Which from now on is yours forever. No doubt, no fear, no worry, no attack can penetrate it. It is woven from love, from the love of our Lord and from the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My children, listen to my warning.
I am saddened by the world situation.
Sad, the loss of my sheep.
Sad the loss of the lambs of my Son who have left the path.

My Son, who embraces the world speaks to you, speaks to the souls of men.
To each and every one. He is everywhere. His power knows no limit, his love is all encompassing.

My Son, died for you. In love! In the love of the Father, He gave Himself. Knowing that people do not understand. Knowing that it survives times and times when it is not understood. Knowing that love reaches you nonetheless.

You my dear children, are some of the few who believe the Word, His Word.

The adversary does not tire of thwarting His ways, but his power is limited.
Yet he knows the outcome. So it is his pitiful attempt to span the world as well.

But the hearts of the people are love, are love, are love.

And people know this, deep inside they know the truth.

But do not be deceived, my son is underestimated.

What I want to tell you today is:

Do not lose faith!

Faith in the Cause.
Faith in my presence.

Act like sisters and go forward!
Go forward in faith, no one else can do it, you are the children who must do it. Otherwise, no one will do it. Strengthen your bonds. Strengthen your love, defeat the doubts.
The prophecies I have shared with you.
The images I have shown Melanie come from Me.
Do not despair, you can avert it. I will show you the steps.

The images are real. My child believe in you! Believe in yourselves!

Many more prophecies will follow.

You are my prophets of the new times.

With many others who are doing this work in my Will, who have given themselves completely to the Will of God. My children are everywhere. My children are under my mantle and they spread the love, they transmit the love to the people, as you do. I know that you are pure of heart. So do not get lost in details or the exact ways. You may confidently leave this to Me, who am the Mother of the world. I am the Mother of love for all the children of this planet. My love embraces everything and everyone, my grace knows no limit."

She stands there with a small bouquet of red roses, looking down.
She is standing on the earth with a white dress and a white veil.
It's like the dress wraps around the earth.

"Trust My plan that I have prepared for you.
You have only to think until the next little step.
My children, I am always in your heart, sending you My all-embracing love - in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit."