Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


12th message from June 15, 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"The Flood Is Coming!"

I prayed and asked Mary for help, first for the world and then for me in my situation.

Then she said, "Your fears are holding you back. Give your fears to me.
Release them from your heart. You are flawless, spotless in the eyes of the Creator."

I don't feel flawless at all.

It feels so warning again. Warning about the future. I see different images again.
I see again a kind of meteor in the sky.
Against a blue background, a white sphere with a tail.
It looks like there is some kind of explosion, like an explosion of light, a shock wave.

It warns about it.

I had her presence confirmed again.
It sounds like her, like her voice.

"It is I my child."

Who are you? Tell me your name.

Maria: "Immaculate heart"

I see the image of her in front of me. She has a white dress on and a white coat with a gold border, relatively chic. At the neck like a kind of lace collar, relatively upstanding.
She has porcelain-like skin and dark hair. She wears a golden crown, which is like a golden ball.

She reminds.

There's this kind of meteor that's coming toward us, toward the earth.
It does something to the water, to the sea, that makes high waves.

"My child the tide is coming".

What tide?

"Warn your brothers and sisters of the impending danger. Make your preparations, be prepared, for the final battle. Arm yourself! Arm yourself in the battle against the disaster that is approaching. Your prophetic gifts will save many people. Use them wisely, as you have already done. Spread my messages. Speak the truth in all matters.
Speak the truth. Even if it is not heard gladly.
Courage is needed. Courage is needed.
I support you and send you help.
My child, thank you for answering my call. Keep moving forward.
I am always with you. I will never leave you. I am always by your side to support you to fulfill your mission.
Do not be grieved. Soon I will show you the next steps. 

Prayer groups.

You must be the forerunner. There is no one else. It's you or no one.

Trust in my messages. Trust in your abilities. Trust in a positive outcome!

God keeps his sheep on dry land. Even in the storm they stand safe and warm.
Trust in us. Divine power of the Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Await my next message with anticipation, for I bring glad tidings.

Now I leave you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."