Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

13th message from June 16, 2021

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary "Love is Yours"

Mary appears.

"Trust, trust, trust the process of ascension.
Look at your shadow sides, look at them closely and then let them go.
You have the opportunity now to look at everything again very closely to heal it and it will be easier than before and you will be surprised how quickly you can let it go.
Your mother has her own challenges, release them in peace, release them in love. She did what she could, but her limitations are not your limitations.
Look at those limitations to understand them better, and then move beyond them with love and dignity.
Spread this message because it is important for everyone now.
Everyone has a mother.
Femininity may be healed now.
This is a matter of my heart.
Mother and motherhood.
My child, go forward in peace. What steps you have already taken. [...] Celebrate your successes.
Do not grieve. The past has passed and yet it had a meaning, as it has been. Your past also follows a perfect order. If you could remember even so clearly, you could see, if you could compare the details, if you could look into every single little situation, you would see how perfect this order is. And you would not weep with sorrow, you would weep with awe at the Divine order and perfection that our Creator gives us. So do not grieve over supposed losses, circumstances that you have found adverse or burdensome or exhausting.
You have also resolved karma in this way.
You have chosen this yourself. Remember that you have chosen this and this will change your point of view instantly, the awareness of it.
My children, go forward in faith.
Prayer groups are probably a good starting point also for your regions, for your environment.
These will grow. You will see.
Do not grieve anymore, my child. It shall be taken from you.
I am here for your help. Let me now take your burden.
My son will also help you, if you ask him."

Jesus: "You are free to choose, my child. I know the state of your soul.
I know the intentions of your heart and they are pure. [...] And that is enough for me my child. Your love that you radiate into the world is a great gift, even if you are not aware of it.
Perhaps it is time that you could direct your focus of attention to it.
I know that you are devoted to me. Do not grieve, my child, love is yours.
Love, love, love is yours! And so it is, that of the world.
It continues to flow through you into the world. I know you well. I know who you are.
I know where you come from."

Jesus leaves and Mary is back.
She again points to the sky with her outstretched arm.
The image of a meteorite can be seen.
She shows me a meteorite hitting somewhere.

It looks like a meteor is flying towards us.
It looks like it is hitting the earth, like the meteor is flying above the earth for a very short time.
It's flying towards the earth as if it's going to hit, but just before it hits the ground, it's deflected,
continued parallel to the ground, and then it goes back up.
People have noticed this.
They are afraid that it will hit the earth.
There will be fear and unrest, but it will not hit.
Rather, it is as if it will stop in the sky.
It looks like some kind of apparition.
A person made of light, looming there, that will be seen all over the world.
No one will be able to explain it.

But what is that Mary?

Mary: "More later"