Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

15th message from June 23, 2021

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary -"Fear is not the truth"

Mary appears and holds a rosary. It is very bright, yellowish and the cross radiates very strong light. Various visual impressions can be seen

Mary appears again heavily pregnant. She then holds up a newborn baby.
She passes it further up. She gives the child surrounded by light, which also radiates itself, upwards, into a cloud cover full of light, where it disappears.

A kind of child's cry of a baby is heard. Then appears a white stone arch, archway, which is as if made of white marble with golden inscription. The arch comes closer and we glide through many such archways, which then form a tunnel of light. All this is bathed in clouds and bright light. Many white doves appear and fly.

Now Jesus is there.

He wears a white robe with embroidered border, with reddish, yellow and brownish pattern, he has shoulder-length hair. He sits down on a bench. He seems to want to say only "hello".

A kind of small waterfall runs from left to right as if into a pool, but it is white light rather than water. It shows a huge wave of the white light water, which now fills the scene. Jesus is standing in front of the water. He is again wearing the golden halo with the engraved cross and his body is emitting light in the shape of a cross.

One sees his heart, which radiates red. The light waterfall becomes larger and even more light, whiter.
It seems like it has something to do with a purification. It shows the earth from above, you can't see it well because there is a dark layer above it.
There are many lights breaking through this dark layer.
These are the people who spread the light.
We believers, who are with Jesus in our hearts, can break through this layer.

Jesus: "For this, love is needed, only love. Humanity, helpfulness, being there for each other, giving each other support, listening to each other and positive thoughts. If you pray to me, this will be strengthened and so the darkness can be broken through.
You are not to give yourselves over to fear. Do not let yourselves be frightened.
This fear is not the truth, love is the truth.
Have faith and pray with them [people], which is especially important at this time.
Be the light, exemplify it. Avoid [...] fomenting fear."

Jesus: "Blessed are you!"

Then he leaves.

Mary makes the sign of the cross and says goodbye.