Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

16.1st Message from July 14, 2021

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary - "Give me your sins"


 During the Rosary of Mercy, Jesus appears to me.
He is simply there and attends the prayer.
Those present rejoice and praise Him, through loving words and prayers as requested. They ask Him to come again soon and redeem humanity.

After the rosary, He shows Himself again in the midst of floods.
He shines brightly, even his forehead shines especially brightly.
He reaches out to us and says that we need not be afraid, that we are safe as long as we cling to Him.
He is with us.
He is admonishing, saying that the "dark side" will try even harder to turn people and also us away from Him and faith and prayer.  

I feel another message coming on.
We end the prayer group.
S. prepares something to write.
We begin to pray the Marian Rosary together and wait for the Mother of God.

Mary: "My noble children!
Thank you for responding to my call.
Thank you for coming together today to pay homage to the Light.
How important this task. How important to defy the adversary.

My children, a word of warning: the waters, the floods!

Let me take your sins, which are numerous and yet you are the beloved children of the Lord.

Give me the sins you have committed against each other, against your fellow men, or even against yourselves.

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Give me your transgressions. Let the light flow into you. Give room to the light within you.

Everyone who reads this, hand over your transgressions to me. Only the intention is enough.

Let the Lord's sheep take their comfortable place, by His side.
Therefore, I invite them to follow my call and seek prayer.
No matter in what language.
Even incomplete prayers that you can recite are prayers.
Let the prayer from your heart speak your mouth.
Your worries, your thoughts, what moves you.

Find the way to reconnect with the Lord your Creator.

So I leave you today in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Go in peace! Be the peace!"