Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

16.2nd Message from July 14, 2021

Jesus Christ -"I am the Lord! I am the shepherd! I am the light!"

I'm sitting at the computer right now, editing a new video and looking for Jesus images.

Now Jesus came to me again and tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Come!"

At first I didn't take it too seriously, then He tapped again and said, "Come!"

Then I turned to Him.
He said, "You carry a heavy burden on your shoulders, let me lighten your load. You are fulfilling an important task. I am always there. You have called me many times and I have been there every time, but you have not been able to perceive me because of the fog you have been in. I am not angry with you for that. I understand that, but let me tell you, I am there every time you call me."

Seer: "Thank you, that's comforting."
I see a bright white light now. It is barely visible behind it.

Jesus: "Look to the future with confidence. You will want for nothing. Your desires will come true in ways you never thought possible. But be patient my child, be patient and let events unfold. Everything will come at the right time.
Trust that the Father knows the right ways and the right time for you."

Seer in tears, "Yes thank you. This has been on my mind a lot."

Jesus: "You can call me any time. I am always at your service also for your family and your friends, because your friends are my friends. There is no end to my love. This is what you are made to believe. But this is not true. For those who are faithful to me, my love is endless.
For those who have forgotten me, my love is endless. For those who have decided against me, my love still exists, but they do not want to accept it. They have chosen a different path and I cannot take this path away from them. This will be discussed elsewhere, which way which soul takes. But no soul is lost.
Unless it chooses to do so."

Seer: "That confuses me now Jesus! There are so many statements about it. Did I understand that correctly now?"  

Jesus: "Don't worry about it. Keep concentrating on your task.
Continue on this path and fulfill your task. You bring the light to so many souls.
There will be more whom you may remind of themselves, for that is what you are here to do.
Do not worry my child. Everything will be taken care of at all times.
Memorize these words and pass them on.
Everything will be taken care of at all times.  

I am the Lord! I am the Shepherd! I am the light!"