Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

1st message from November 09, 2020

The Blessed Virgin Mary

During the telephone conversation with S., the Holy Mother of God appears in my living room.
S. speaks and I get nervous that Mary could leave again.
She says She is waiting and at an appropriate point I interrupt S. and tell her, "Mary is here."
She is quite tall (> 2 m) and radiates a strong, bright light.
It feels gentle and very loving.
At first I have the feeling that Maria is there because of S.
I am to tell S. from Maria that She thanks her for her constant reverence and that Maria loves S.
I feel Maria putting a kind of enveloping, merciful mantle around me and S.
S. asks Maria personal questions and Maria answers each of them.
It feels after these personal messages as if Mary still wants to communicate something.
It feels like a warning.
It would soon become serious and She urged S. and me to stand firm.
It was important to pray, She said. She needed us, or our "cooperation" for others.
It would be turbulent.
We should remain in trust, She said.
It is important to stay connected to God, to not let the connection break, She says.
There would be a kind of "test." [Wording cannot be fully reconstructed.]
We are to be a rock and remain in strength.
She loves us, She says. She is there for us. We can always ask Her for help and call Her.
And not only is She there for us, but also myriads of light-filled helpers.