Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


20th message from August 15, 2021

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
"Message to the Youth”

Mary appears all in white, she has as always a mild face and wears a white veil on Her hair.

She stands in front of a body of water, steps aside and shows a narrow footbridge that leads over the water.
Then she opens a door and walks through it with me. I plop down from above into a scene.

I see a huge flock of sheep, hundreds, thousands, in a meadow as far as the eye can see.
The sheep are in a confined area, surrounded by a symbolic little fence.

Jesus appears and shows a large cross which is engraved and decorated.
He makes a sign of the cross.

Jesus now warns, because the flock of sheep experiences hostility.

Hard, unpleasant times are coming.  He knows it is hard for us.

People will try to attack the flock of sheep.
It will be hostile and there will be exclusions and upheavals.

He warns that it is important to remain in faith in God and Him, Jesus.
We should not let ourselves be distracted, they will try to talk us out of our faith.
We should let that bounce off us and stay in faith with Jesus.
We should stick to Him! We can call Him at any time. He is always with us. He is never gone.
He is our friend and takes us in His arms when we are sad and don't know what to do.   

He asks us to take the Host. He is sad that it is taken so little.
It contains his body. We should be aware of this.
It is important to receive him in the host while it is still possible.
The doors of the churches will be closed and then there will be no possibility to take the Host.

I see a picture of locked iron church gates.

We should take this seriously!!!

Then I see the flock of sheep being herded into a separate area?! Locked away? Excluded?

There will be social movements that sheep will be excluded or even hunted.
We are to show strength! Some will fall over and fall into the hands of darkness.

He knows we are strong and will remain so. We are to help others stay strong too.

Message to young people

 "There are medicines that are dangerous, not safe and not well tested.
You should be careful!!! Careful!

You should follow the inner compass, the heart.
It tells us the direction for our path.
God speaks to us in this way. Through our inner voice that knows our soul plan, our path.

What feels right for me? What does *my* inner self say???
That is my truth. This is what we should stick to!!!

It may be that others have a different truth, but one should stick to one's own truth.

There is advertising and social encouragement for certain medicines. This has a confusing effect on people.  One says a, the other says b. Which is right? Only one's own compass can give the answer.

Something is propagated that is socially regarded as "the right thing to do."
We should not let ourselves be misled, but listen to our own heart, our own body.
What does my body want? What feels right for my body? For me?
My inner self knows the answer!!!

This time is especially hard for young people.
But these young people who are here now have been prepared for it.
They have the power and the strength to do the right thing. To follow the right path.

When parents have different attitudes, it is difficult for young people.
How can I find my way? What is right? Everyone has a different path here.
You have to follow your heart, your inner compass.

Young people are now laying the foundation for their lives and their future at this time.
This is important to keep in mind. You should not decide lightly.

You have the power. You have everything you need to know what to do.
Even though you are still young. You will discover powers within you that you didn't know were there.

Community is the key. You are to find like-minded people.

We are to remember Jesus suffering, what he endured. We are to remember him.
He went through it with a certain consciousness. He knew what he was doing it for.
That it wasn't in vain, that it would be rewarded in the end. In the end, the sun will shine."

Now He stands on the water, but it does not touch Him.

"We are to hold to it when the level rises. The level will rise, fall, rise, fall..."
He shines with bright light, like a halo around his whole body.

"We are to trust! Trust! Trust God!"

Bright cross of light in the sky. Jesus gives orientation in dark hour.

Everyone present is kissed on the forehead by Jesus, he places his hand on our heads, speaks softly to each.
We will learn new skills. They will be activated in the moment, when they are needed. When they are needed, they will be there."