Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

21st message from September 17, 2021

Archangel Michael -"Warning of the financial crash"

During a meditation Archangel Michael appears. He shines in glistening golden light.
First he delivers a personal message and answers private questions.
Then he makes clear that he still wants to deliver a message to the general public.

The following is the dialogue between the medium and Archangel Michael:

He warns about the financial crash. He says I should issue a warning.

"What kind of warning Michael?"

He wants us to be prepared for it. He wants us to know this.
That the world is going to have a major shakeup, the structures like we have so far.

"Don't be blinded by what is now being shaken up, what is coming to light, what the light can now fall on.
The masks have fallen. The puppeteers are becoming visible and those who hold the strings. Soon the whole construct will be quite clearly visible, so that there will no longer be any doubt as to who is acting on whose behalf, who is connected to whom, who has what mission and why. The truth carries tremendous power that cannot be nullified by any effort in the world. Watch it like a motion picture. Maybe like a documentary, without letting it worry you.
Let it pass you by, take note of it, but do not let it affect you, for your ascension is inevitable.
Your own true light is also coming forth.
You are coming into contact with your own light, your own qualities, what makes you you. Follow this path of becoming lighter. Entrust yourself to this luminous path, created in collaboration with God, which does not allow failure. The only thing we have to do, or what is necessary, is to go along, to get involved, to let yourself fall in the knowledge that your own soul plan will be implemented, trusting that everything is in the starting blocks for this and also that everything that is necessary for this will be taken care of. Connect with your angels, your light beings, those light-filled beings to whom you feel drawn, so that they can lift your energy in this moment, dissolve your shadow, dissolve your blockages. The energy just keeps flowing through you as you open to it. It can be carried to you now in this moment. Choose to do this transfer if it feels right for you.
We are transmitting energy to you that will support you in your ascension.
Trust, trust in God's comprehensive plan of becoming light.
Turn your attention to the things that support you, that correspond to your life plan, that delight your heart,
that fill you with lightness, that make your eyes shine. Find yourself more and more. Find your true essence."

"Thank you Michael, Thank you!"