Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

22nd message from September 22, 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary "Admonition to Mankind"

Mary has been present for some time.
She is wearing a white dress. She has her light turquoise belt with the Two ends hanging down.
She has delicate fair skin, medium to dark brown hair and a white veil in her hair.
As we prayed, she had her hands folded and was holding a rosary.

"My children, my children."

She is standing on the globe. It looks like she has a white mantle on with a hood.
The mantle wraps around the world. She smiles.

"Your efforts in all honor.
Thank you for your efforts.
Thank you for your prayers.
Thank you for your trust. Thank you.
I appreciate this very much and the heavenly hosts rejoice with joy because of your devotion.
I love you my children!
Nothing gives me more joy than your prayers.
My love is infinite. My joy knows no bounds."

Mary shows her heart.  

"I always accompany you. Every good word or good deed brings me great joy.
Now you are all brothers and sisters who help each other, support each other, but world events sadden me.
So few who take prayers seriously.
So few who long for my Son.
So few who realize the seriousness of the situation.
My Son is the Savior, but no one wants to listen to Him.
Open your hearts! Find your way back to prayer.
Take my blessing upon my children.
Find your way back to the Church.
Where you will receive even more blessings."

There are waters to be seen again. She shows the sun.
It is as if she connects the sun and the sea.
She stands in between. She dominates the sea. She rules the fish in the sea.
She watches over the ships in the sea.  She can make the water stay still.
She rules the elements because of the people who are out of control because of our misbehavior.
Earthquakes, storms, tornadoes. She shows the pictures of each.
In order for her to intervene on our behalf, she needs our prayers.
Repent, confess, fast to remember what is really important. Eating only bread.
Bread and water one day a week to counteract the disasters.
She warns, exhorts to the conversion of humanity.
To desist from killing one, to desist from sinfulness. It shakes her mother heart.

She rejoices over the individual groups and individual lights and faithful people who bring light into the world, but they are few. It is as if she is saying that there are too few for change to happen so that the disasters do not occur.

She shows pictures of natural disasters, floods, seas that make very high waves, storms that destroy cities, hunger, greed, suffering, earthquakes (Asia maybe China).

In these catastrophes, people can be seen screaming, crying, despairing, completely losing their footing.
It seems to me as if the world would go down in chaos.
There is always the word hunger, famine (Africa).  

Dying children.

She asks again to put on supplies. Time is running out for that.

Threatens to slip into darkness and needs a reminder of its own values.

Follows the German example, which morally speaking, has lost its role model function.

It would also be advisable for France to find its way back to prayer.

"The need is great, my children. The abandonment of faith is widespread.
My admonitions seem to be going unheeded.
Who seeks the way to the churches.
Who asks the priests for advice? Are they still integrated?
Who still recognizes God's power?
God's glory, God's blessing?
Who still seeks God?
Who is looking for my son?
Who seeks to honestly meet Him in prayer?
Who acknowledges His suffering and sacrifice?
Godlessness has entered the hearts of many people who have forgotten who created them, what their true being is.
So I ask you, my children, to carry the word into the world.
The word of my Son, so that people may remember what fills their hearts with joy, who created their lives, what brings them peace:
The Lord
So I leave you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."