Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


24th message from October 15. + 19, 2021 

Jesus Christ - "What is the price?"

"The reason why I am here [today] - I want to warn you. I want to warn you.
There is a danger coming your way. Of gigantic proportions.
A danger such as you all have not yet experienced, nor have your ancestors, nor have their ancestors. This has not happened on earth for a long time."

Jesus Appearance 19.10.2021

"What is the price?"

Jesus appears. He has a white robe on with wide arms. It is quite plain.
A dazzling light emanates from it. A bright light emanates from the whole appearance, as well as a white light emanates from his forehead.

"My child,
Your brothers and sisters are not aware of the danger that is coming to them.
Thus, there are few who believe my words, even though the number is increasing.
This is gratifying, but the others must be warned.
Find a way to make this information available to the general public.
Be aware, I am protecting your path. I am the Lord.
What I am about to tell you is essential. Please, give yourself to this task and trust me that I know the right way for you and that you are protected by me."

The word "conflagration" comes up. The image of a detonating nuclear bomb appears, with cloud and blast wave, etc. The word "nuclear winter" is heard.
He confirms his presence and says, "I am the Lord, my child, I am the Lord, I am the Lord of love and mercy. I am Jesus Christ."  

"What is the price, what is the price you pay, for blasphemy,
for murder,
for fraud,
for theft,
for euthanasia,
for the murder of whole tribes of people,
for killing living children in the womb,
for the use of embryos for medicines,
for the exploitation of nature for your selfish interests,
for selfish and greedy machinations?
What is the promised price for betrayal of the people?
What is the promised price for abuse of power?
What is the promised price for abuse of trust?
Do you think this will be without consequences?  

Do you think this game can go on forever, violating God's laws in this drastic way? I have to disappoint you. Everything has consequences.
The storms and disasters that are coming your way are brutal in many parts of the world. Guatemala, Italy, France, South and Central America, Australia. There, there the hammer is falling.
The changes that lie ahead of you could be called God's punishment.
But it is not a punishment in that sense. It is a Divine intervention before the world completely sinks into chaos and humanity wrecks itself.
It is not a punishment in that sense. It is a kind of logical consequence of your behavior.

Germany has forgotten or betrayed its values and would be well advised to revive its Christian faith.
But this is difficult to do, with closed churches.
Here is my request, my call to the Germans in the churches that carry my name, those who spread my word. Remember my words.
If I were to walk the earth, how would I behave in this social constellation? Think about it.
What would be my comment?
What would be my behavior?
Orientate yourselves by what you know about me.
Be guided by what is written in the Bible, what I have taught you.
Hold up the faith.
Hold up the cross, my blood, my suffering, my work.
Doesn't that mean anything to you anymore?

To the Pope: (That just sounded like Italian. I didn't understand that.)