Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

25th message from October 23, 2021

Jesus Christ - "The Antichrist"

"I am who you think I am, I am Jesus Christ! You know me" his forehead shone and I felt it in my forehead.
"Get ready! Now find a good position to sit in, that you are comfortable, that your body is taken care of."
[Prayer & Personal]

"But now for the message."
Again, there is a picture of Jesus with sheep running from the background to the front, past Him, toward me. They are running very fast. We now do a pan and now watch from behind as the sheep run.
So it's first one stream of sheep, which now forks into two. The sheep run and run.
One part to the left, one part to the right. There are about the same number.
At the level of the bifurcation of the flock of sheep, a kind of person appears who feels very unpleasant, repulsive, nasty. After a brief moment of shock, Jesus means to continue following this scene.
'He says "Go ahead." Within the scene, he places himself protectively in front of the unpleasant apparition.

When asked who this is, he replies:
"This is the Antichrist."
"OK, what about him?"
"The Antichrist divides people into two camps. It is very important what I am saying now."

"The persecutions will begin. They will be initiated by the Antichrist. You cannot escape this process.
It is part of the divine plan and will be allowed. There will be much suffering and the fatal thing is that you do not recognize him. Not everyone recognizes it. Those who do not recognize him are misled and believe his words that he has good in mind for all people. Be aware of this, be careful who you believe.
Your heart can tell you who is credible and who is not.
The development will be the following: Politics will change. The signs are stormy. You will have less freedom of choice, fewer opportunities to participate. Your rights will be further restricted.
But that's not all. Military force will increase."

Now ships can be seen, policemen, the Bundeswehr, directed against the people.

"The violence from this side will increase. Reprisals and oppression will increase. Unfreedom will be your new companion."
I see a big ship with megaphone reprimanding the population.
There are deaths among those who disobey.

"The Antichrist, dresses himself in beautiful garments and in beautiful words. He does not seem destructive at all on the outside. He does not appear destructive at all. You can recognize him by his diabolical smile.
For everyone to see. It is a smile that makes you shudder. For those who listen to their gut, it is a clear sign that something is wrong with this person or that his intentions are not good intentions.
It will make your blood run cold. So you can recognize him and he will do everything to make you overlook this feeling. He will bring all kinds of arguments. He will introduce all kinds of measures that seem to be for your good, but be careful with this person. He is not what he seems to be."

Rome. We are now in Rome. Vatican....