Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

26th message from November 18, 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary "The Antichrist Part 2 & Message to All Parents"

During the prayer, my head got hot. Mary is there.

She wants to warn us. There are storms coming.

"There are storms coming my child. You cannot imagine the extent of them. Storms such as mankind has never experienced.
Storms, not from wind power.
Storms of fire.
Storms of misery.
Storms from conflagrations.
Storms beyond your imagination."

It is as if She is standing in my body.

She says, "Trust me. Allow the impressions to flood you. I'll show you what's coming.
Get ready for our journey."

She shows a picture of herself. How she stands in front of me with a white dress and a dark blue coat, as if made of velvet. A flared dress, which is very tight at the top of the chest, very narrow at the waist, and very wide at the bottom, like earlier ball gowns. It has small golden embroideries on the edges.
It has a halo over its head. There are stars in it.

She says, "Don't be afraid to make mistakes. I will make sure you receive and pass on the right words." 

It is as if a door is opening. When you look through this opening, there is a bright golden light inside.
We are now walking toward this doorway. It's a very glistening light.

"It's a portal," She says.
"It is very important what I am showing you now. Take these images seriously. Don't dismiss them."

A startling change of scene follows. After this very pleasant golden light, we enter into a scene where it feels very unpleasant - very low vibrational, very crude, primitive, primitive evil.

"The heavenly hosts accompany you, my child. You are protected. It is a vision that also triggers feelings.
I am with you. Do not be afraid. I will be with you all the time and at the end I will take you out and you will be back to your normal state.
It is a vision. Let yourself go with it. It's important."

The atmosphere of the scene is almost unbearable. At first there is not much to see. Blackness.
A dark figure is there. Not that a person is here, but it is a hologram of a dark figure. It rages.
This person or figure is having a real tantrum.
Obviously it concerns here "the opposite side", on the energetic level, which displeases something quite violently. From the scenery it is comparable with Mordor [from the Lord of the Rings].
The colors dark red and black are predominantly represented. It's extremely unpleasant.

"Keep looking," she says.
A dragon enters the scene, which first flew through the air and now landed. Clouds of smoke, black smoke are in the background. Now the dragon comes running in a rage, roars and breathes fire.
The fire he lets out where it suits him to destroy.
He is very long, very big. He runs around, sometimes in one direction, then in the other.

This is to be understood figuratively. The scene represents the underworld.

The fire, burning, huge flames that go up and reach the surface of the earth. It's not directly something bursting into flames. It is to be understood that the opposite side does something that has an effect on us [human beings] and is felt by us on the earth. Like a basement under the earth. And you can see the surface of the earth with houses.

At first it looked like blind rage, but it seems to be aimed. What its fire captures, it hits to destroy, to create chaos, to spread discontent, to twist facts, to make people look bad. It feels begrudging - like taking pleasure in certain people being harmed. A reputation is destroyed, livelihoods are destroyed.

This is answered by the bright opposite side, which sends its brigade there.
Angels who try to clean up there and also try to reach the people and in any case stand up for us and in the truest sense of the word "put out fires".

Another animal appears. A kind of fantasy animal that doesn't exist like that on Earth.
It was a mixture of a dragon, a snake and a dinosaur.
Around its yellow head it has a kind of collar that it can put up when it is angry.
It looks like the head is on fire. It spits fire. The two underworld beings are fighting.
They give everything to destroy, to destroy harmony, to sow discord, to separate people from each other.

Now appears again the very unpleasant entity, which gives itself in the good appearance.
The Antichrist.
Again appears this special, diabolic smile, which has already been reported.
He is a liar. He twists everything and makes an X for a U. He twists the words in your mouth.
He twists words around in your mouth. He twists everything, any facts that you actually know how they are.
He twists it so that you believe it. Unfortunately, he has a great popularity among the population.
He is very skillful and should be taken with maximum caution.
You basically can't believe anything he says. It is all lies.
It is only for his purposes, for his goals.
Those he serves, so to speak; only himself and no one else.

Now it's about the church. He is pretending to do something for the church.
As if he is working for the church.

Now follows an example of what kind of absuden proposals we can expect from the Antichrist concerning the church:

A picture of quite a few inverted crosses appears. Very unpleasant; disgusting.
As if he would say: We wear now, for some reason, the crosses the other way around on the chains.
We are doing a reform with new chains and new symbol.
Our symbol is now upside down, that doesn't mean anything.

It won't necessarily be that he will tell the clergy to wear upside down crosses, but from the mindset, it is to be understood that way. It's as if he wants you to believe, "This is normal now. This is our new order now.
This is totally good now if we all wear upside-down crosses now."
This is the level on which his arguments play out.
Now there is another picture. Violence. Military, soldiers. Lots of soldiers marching up, it's a little scary.
They have been recalled and are now deployed inside - "for our protection" - in quotation marks.
That's what we're being sold, but it's not for our protection, it's for intimidation and assertion of power.
It's getting uncomfortable.

It seems to be about Germany right now. It could still be Austria as well. 

The vision continues. It is to be seen how people are led away, who are represented like a kind of state enemies, which they are not of course! They are portrayed as criminals, as insurgents, as dangerous people who endanger the security of us all. But these people are mostly normal people who are above all pure, who have the best interests of all in mind. Those are taken away who stand up for freedom rights, for a basic democratic order, who openly oppose, form communities, protest. This is the dimension in which it is happening. They are taken away with police force, military force, they are put down, they are taken away, they are put away. They are put in camps of some kind. It is not a traditional prison, it seems to be something new. They are locked up there. Some die there. They are tortured there. Not everyone. It seems like the staff there is playing their vicious "games" with some of the prisoners.

I see as a picture, a flat building, which has only one floor. Quite plain, with thicker walls.

Now the sign of the cross appears brightly.
This is to be understood in such a way that we are to pray for it, in order to avert these events.
Mary clarifies, it is an option of the future, which is still changeable.
This is not fixed!

Mary is now saying that we must pray for this from now on. Every day!

Prayers and fasting. Bread and water once a week. Three mercy rosaries a day. It is urgent!

We are to inform the churches about this. We are to inform the churches about the appearance of the Antichrist.

"Plan three months for these activities." For what activities Mary? - "For praying and informing."
It seems that shortly after the three months, the Antichrist, will be there, but will not be at his high.
He will be slowly introduced or appear. One hears then from him.

Very inconspicuous at first. It will not be recognizable at first. In any case, he will then become visible and slowly active. And he will also be reported in the major media. It is someone who will be made known to everyone.

The big governments, in terms of Germany, the most important politicians, the central chess pieces are pushing him. They know about it. They support this because they see their own advantage in it. They have a completely different perception about it. It's about power.

It's about getting power to implement plans. Not their own plans, but plans that are given. There is no awareness of how the people [the population] are doing with it. Whether it makes sense, but it's selfishly oriented. It has to do with delusion and a kind of brainwashing. The people involved were taught: "This is the plan, this makes sense, we're doing this now and they can participate in it. There's XY in it for them."

But what they don't know is that there is something else about this plan that has not been revealed. There is a devilish detail, which actually only the Antichrist knows and which is wrongly estimated, from the outside. From those who think they can swim with on the wave. What it is, is not recognizable here.

There is an ulterior motive, which the others do not know and estimate it because of that wrongly. They think that they have advantages by it, are considered, that agreements are kept.

But with a liar one does not make business!

He will not keep his agreements!
With no one.
He does only what he likes. In the service of whom he serves.

A new image appears. Children. Children in poverty.

It is to be understood figuratively again.
Begging children, poor children, orphans in rags being used for an evil cause. They have a red glow in their eyes. This means that they have fallen to the other side. It is to be understood that children are being used for an evil cause.
It is as if they are going over to the other side, crossing over, because they cannot protect themselves.
So many children's souls that are "lost" because of the actions that suffer like that, that are abandoned.

The children suffer so much that they can't protect themselves anymore and because of that it's like they get lost. The parents have to watch helplessly, because they don't want to rebel, they don't want conflicts with the youth welfare office or the school. Ground in this millstone of society and these developments that know neither in, nor out. They themselves are torn and desperate, not really able to protect their children. It requires a lot of strength and power to react in the right way, but the Blessed Mother asks us once again to consider the well-being of the children.

To question guidelines. To question the guidelines for the children, with the background of the best interests of the children. To really commit oneself to it. To commit oneself to protecting one's own child and also, if necessary, the children of other parents, the children of other people.
Because that's going to be the next generation. Who are you letting grow up? What are you allowing to grow up if you don't intervene?

Maria says, "I support every parent who stands up, who stands up for the sake of the children, for the sake of the children's well-being. I stand up for every single parent and for all parents and families. I am with you. I assure you. I am always with you and will always support you and with a little courage and spit you will succeed!"

Parents are asked to question any actions on their children and to stand up for the psychological and physical well-being of the child! To stand up resolutely!

Another vision emerges.
It was quite pleasant.
A scene by the sea, the water blurring the sand. It had different colors.
The waves came and went. Then a huge wave appears, like a tsunami.
The sky darkens. There are very dark, thick clouds in the sky. Dark gray.

Perception blurs due to fatigue. The channeling lasted 1.5 hours.

Mary says, "We will continue at this point next time."

"Peace be with you," She says. - "And with your spirit".

"May the Triune God watch over you. - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit."