Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

27th message from Novemver 24, 2021

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"The Purification of Faith & The Purification of the Church"

"My children, you have responded to my call to gather in the group. I thank you. The coming time holds many challenges to the unvaccinated, to those who have followed the Lord's call in their hearts, who recognize the deception.
Do not be intimidated, do not be talked into anything.
Listen to the voice in your heart that knows the truth, that is committed to the truth.
Hurdles will be placed before you. The pressure will increase, but it will also decrease. Be aware that this state will not last forever.
There will be changes again. And be aware of my love and affection, my protection, my guiding language, which I carry to the Lord.
My Son Jesus Christ accompanies you at all times through all times of turmoil, times of need, times of crisis. Be aware. It is not a coincidence what is happening now.
It corresponds to a divine plan that knows no mistakes. It is perfect in itself, even if it is difficult for you to imagine. I know your distress, I know your sorrow, I know your sadness. I know your petitions that you address to me. I hear each one and each one will be answered. Trust that you are not alone in this time and that my Son and I will place our protective hand over you to let the worst pass you by, blameless. Yes the children of the Lord enjoy his protection, enjoy his special presence, which is strengthened by prayer. Do not let yourselves be deterred. Any social regulations that forbid you to pray should be vehemently rejected by you.
Remain free and strong in seeking out common prayer, in church and in private. Talk to the servants of the Church about your feelings of being excluded from the Church. Express your concerns about the Christianity of this action. Speak it peacefully and free from reproach. Speak from your heart about your concern for the Church. My child, the Church is going through turbulent times. Disorientation has taken hold.
Do they still defend the ideals they once invoked? Yes there are, and yes there are others. Others who do not have pure intentions. Other servants of the Church who pursue deviant aspirations. Thus, everyone is fallible among men. There is no reproach to be made. These are to be met with love as well, in the remembrance of your Lord Jesus Christ.
Free from riches, free from striving for power.
But how do you find a hearing, in the right places, the places that are authorized to give instructions?
I will show you the way. It is only important to step into action and I will direct the waves that this creates. This is not your responsibility. You are my beloved servants who selflessly do my will, and you will receive your reward if you remain selfless. Selflessness is the purity of heart that gives out of abundance, without ulterior motives, without your own aspirations, simply to give, to serve, to give away, to help."

Several times, as an inner image, there was a burning cross floating in the air.

A large burning cross that is on fire. It may indicate purification.

"The purification of the faith. The purification of the church. But it is also a warning of the one who has been announced to you. The Antichrist. Do not be afraid. Through fear you strengthen him. Remain in trust. With every negative thought, with every fear and every worry, turn to me and my Son. You are protected and there are things that cannot be averted that are part of this process. And there are things that can be eased and taken away through your intervention and prayer and inner purification. Connect with each other.
Spread the light of love among the believers.
The peace of the Lord be with you always. Lift up the hearts. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God. In truth it is worthy and right. May the peace of the Lord be with you always.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."