Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

28th message from December 05, 2021
Message from Archangel Michael

[Note of the "medium": The following pictures/visions, which are transmitted by the spiritual world in general and by the archangel Michael in this case to me, are to be understood partly figuratively.
They often convey the messages as pictures to me and I then pass on these pictures.
The images shown trigger feelings and a meaning resonates].

I was awake relatively early. Because of current events, I became afraid [note: of mandatory vaccinations]. 
I then called upon my angels and archangels. Especially archangel Michael. I addressed him in particular, because he can work very strongly against fears. I asked Him, "I need your help. Please take my fears away from me! Do I really need to be afraid of this? What if I get attacked at home?"

Michael showed me pictures. You could see a city and above it was a strong thunderstorm.
There were a lot of thick clouds, lightning, heavy rain. There were very many clouds densely clustered in one place. Archangel Michael said, "Look at it. Just take a look at it. What's happening?"
It all looked densely clustered to me - all in one spot. My perspective was like I was very close to it.

Then He said, "Let's change perspective." We flew a little ways back.
It was maybe a couple of miles. You could see that the thunderstorm was only moving in one place.
A tornado was coming in there. There were small clouds scattered in the surrounding area.
So it was a very large urban area and there were clouds everywhere, but this particular storm and this severe thunderstorm were not everywhere. It felt relieving; safer.
It was the feeling of not being in the middle of it anymore.

Michael said again, "Let's change perspective one more time." Suddenly it was as if we were standing on a mountain looking down on the scene from even farther away. There was more of this particular urban area to be seen. It was very large, and you could now see very clearly that this strong thunderstorm was only affecting one particular area, and that it was also moving on. This meant that this thunderstorm activity does not always affect the same places. At that moment I realized - it can't be everywhere and it will move on.

Archangel Michael now invited us again to take a different perspective. Thereupon we were above the cloud cover and looked at the scene from the heavenly perspective. From this heavenly perspective, we saw an image that represented an unpleasant figure - "the devil". He was jumping on the spot and raging. However, it did not seem powerful, but like helplessness. The action did not come from a power, but it was powerlessness, impotence that caused this rage and thunderstorm. The figure raged in that area of the city where the dense thunderclouds were and she stood in the middle of the thunderclouds. She was raging and angry because she couldn't seem to accomplish what she wanted to accomplish. She tried to shoot around and do damage wherever she could. So to speak "to make the chickens shy". But she could not be in all parts of the city at the same time. She could only be in this one area, which revealed her powerlessness.

"The Adversary" really did everything to - figuratively speaking - "scare out the rabbits" hiding in their burrow by spreading fear and creating emotional chaos.
Later this figure turned into a dragon and this dragon suddenly had fiery orange-red glowing eyes and its mouth opened a little bit. I looked at his face, that was all that was visible at that moment and fire in his mouth could be seen slowly gathering. He was very angry and flew towards us and up, once through the cloud cover and then wanted to attack us. Archangel Michael then stood in front of me and wrapped me in a protective bell of golden-white light. With playful ease, he slashed at the dragon with his sword. Within seconds, the dragon had disappeared and descended again. I realized at that moment - the adversary is trying what he can, but he has little power to influence. His resources are limited.

Archangel Michael offered another perspective. We looked together at the globe - suspended in space.
A kind of light ray penetrated the globe and the earth changed. It was cleansed or liberated as if from within.
Its vibration changed. It was noticeable that this circumstance made the dark figures very restless.
Obviously they tried to carry away now still as much/e as possible. This change of the earth shown here is progressive and positive. It is as if the days are counted in the positive sense, as if one can count them down now, like at Christmas. We have seen how the earth circles in a compound of planets.
This seemed as if the Earth had joined with other planets, as if there was an agreement of the Earth with the other planets for the ascension it is going through. For a brief moment, I felt like the whole earth was going to become a sacred place. It felt very beautiful.

To deal with our fears, Archangel Michael said the following: "Everyone who chooses to be protected is physically protected! Unless you choose otherwise." That means we can choose not to be physically protected and then we are not. But the other way around it also means, if I decide I am physically protected by the spiritual world, then I am!

Archangel Michael expressed himself furthermore in relation to the fear that the "dark side" tries to influence us negatively. They are anxious to get into our heads by means of the fear, because they have no other possibility to attack us. This is their only trump card. We are protected as long as we want to be protected.

The angels and the archangels are only waiting to be allowed to help us because they respect our free will. Only in mortal danger may the guardian angels intervene of their own accord, when our time to leave the earth has not yet come.

Therefore my appeal to everyone who reads this text: Call your angels. Ask them explicitly for help.
Ask them to take away your fears. Ask them to surround you with an extra thick layer/cocoon of light so that you can stop worrying and become calm inside - or whatever you need or care about.
The angels are always there for us and help us. It works for everyone, immediately.  

He asked me to pass on this message, to you, to the people, and I hope that I could be helpful to you with it.