Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

29th message from December 11, 2021

Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary
"The Way of the Cross of Humanity”

During the prayer group, Mary appeared. S. also clearly felt her forehead.

Mary first wore a white dress with a white veil, under which her dark hair could be seen.
As always, she had porcelain-like skin. She wore a light turquoise belt with gold embroidery at the seams. Over the dress she wore a turquoise bluish colored coat. One could very much feel her innocence, purity and flawlessness.

Around her stood sheep and she stretched out her arm over them.

Jesus had given me a sheep, this one I named Polly. It was there too, leading me through a scene that was not very pleasant. Again I saw a stream of sheep trotting in a stream that then forked. It felt as if the one sheep were running to their doom, as if something was waiting for them there, something dangerous.
Suddenly, billy goats came from the side and attacked the sheep. They were really hurting them, ramming their horns into the bellies of the sheep. One sheep looked like its head was being cut off. All around us there were fights for life and death.
There were casualties on both sides. A lot of blood flowed. It was a very bad picture.
It looked like war. War among sheep.

Mary: "These are battles driven by an evil will. They are battles that are for the destruction of Christianity. I show you what is to come."

Mary told me this so that we could prepare for it.

Then I saw a white and gold shimmering little lamb, the main lamb - Jesus.
We are not to forget that this little lamb is also there.

Jesus: "I know the course of history. Mankind is living through my crossroads."

He assures me that the souls who have chosen to die and suffer in the battles of Christianity at this particular time have so agreed with him. There are very many who are suffering especially now.

I see a path leading from the plain to Calvary, where he was crucified.
This is to show the path of humanity, where we are now, how far we still have to walk symbolically. We still have to go all the way up the mountain.

There is a very bright light, like the sun, seen high above the top of this mountain. Symbolically, this means that salvation is to be found at the top of the mountain. Jesus' cross can also be seen there. The atmosphere emitted from there is very beautiful and soothing, holy. That is our destination, where we want to go. I see Jesus carrying the heavy cross. It drags it laboriously across the floor behind him. It is very idle. He wears a crown of thorns that is very painful, inhuman, inhuman to torture someone like that. I see the drops of blood and the thorns that go very deep into the skin and deeper. It epitomizes where we are right now.

Again I see the main lamb. It is especially pleasant to be in his presence, soothing and gratifying. It is as if it is standing in the middle of the sun, so much light emanates from it. I see a door where white-gold light shines out. I suspect that I am passing into another scene. Jesus says that it is important information that I am getting now.

We are moving through a kind of tunnel again. At the end of the tunnel it is very bright.

Jesus: "Get ready!"
There was not much to see and very dark in the new scenery.
A section of rainy road can be seen, the rest has disappeared in a very dense fog, it is gloomy. In this vision, a non-human, dragon-like, gray entity is standing in the middle of the road. It stands upright on its hind legs and feels threatening.
He begins to spit fire in my direction and all around. This is to be understood as a threat, to make himself bigger and more important than he is, to intimidate, to frighten.
For this purpose every means is right, and with every means is also meant every means. This time it does not take place as in the last vision in the underworld, but with us here on earth.
This means that he no longer remains hidden, which he also no longer wants.
He wants to be seen, in all his supposed glory.

He wants to be admired in his splendor, as he would put it himself. (This is not my opinion).

He anticipates the return of "his Lord." He looks forward to it. One notices a bright excitement and great joy, whether the return of "his lord". It sets the whole dark court in excitement. They start moving, trampling along this street, they spit fire and set houses on fire, out of pure malice. At larger complexes of houses he stops and spits on them, large amounts of fire. After setting several houses on fire, several have joined them, looking just like the dragon-like creature. They have gathered to very many in a circle and have joined. They stand at an opening in the ground that resembles a volcano. Lava-like light comes out of it and it could be called the "Gates of Hell." They gather around this and dance in a round dance to themselves, which looks a bit ridiculous, but has a different quality with the opening in the ground. They seem to be awaiting an awakening, a return. By their joint activity they seem to call this, to strengthen, to wake up and to give strength to it. Out of the Hellmouth emerges the giant boss. He has bat-like wings and in places reddish skin and twisted horns.

This is what is called Satan, the ultimate evil that rises from this maw. It is very large and ¾ visible from the maw, but cannot leave it. It emits roars, but cannot move from the spot. From this position he tries to exert influence, which seems to be a difficult task. Only words are left to him. Words that can hit, that can scare, that can do a lot to you, but they are just words. It is only yelling. That's all the influence he has. He is very limited in his radius of action because the powers that be against him keep him very much in check. He can't get anywhere against his enemies and is boxed in. He gathers all those who belong to him, calls them, spurs them on, wants them to bring him strength, to fight for their causes. This seems bad, looks evil and scary, but actually it can't reach you. It is only this psychological component that can reach you. If you manage in your mind to arm yourself against this psychological component, then we have won. It is a sinking ship. He is losing his power and he knows it. He's doing everything he can to make sure that doesn't happen, and he wants to take as many with him as he can. The message at this point is, "Don't be intimidated by words! They are empty words!"
I can't help but think of the medical treatments that are now in circulation. Those who haven't made up their minds yet can separate themselves from the psychological pressure, realize that these are just words.

As imposing as this image is, he sinks back into his maw. With a lot of swirling, but sinks back to where he came from. The chaos that he left behind, that remains.

Mary: "My children, how far you have come.
How much suffering you have already endured. Do not let yourselves be intimidated by the activities of the beast that tries to confuse you, that tries to make you small.
My love and protection is certain for you and cannot be destroyed by anything in the world. Whoever chooses me is safe.
The tears that you have cried, I receive them and I turn them into gold.
I am the Mother of Christians, I am the Queen of Peace.
I am the angel of mercy.
My children, be sure of the good outcome. Be sure of your protection.
Nothing comes between me and you. I am the Mother of Christians and I protect my children. But be warned, hard times are coming. Hard times are coming.
You are going through the eye of a needle.
Who will fit through? Who will pass the entrance?
Get ready for the return of your Lord, who also now and all the time stays by your side and shows you the way to Himself in His language and subtle signs.
Do you listen to it? Do you hear His call? It is silent, it is subtle, and yet it is strong if you let it into your heart.
I am issuing a warning. I want you to arm yourselves.
I want you all to arm yourselves against the perfidy that awaits you.
The perfidy of the one who seeks to divide you. I warn you, do not underestimate him.
The wickedness is unparalleled and many fall for his lies.
They allow themselves to be deceived. Take my words seriously my children. Soon the time will come. Arm yourselves! Join together, form communities, strengthen each other. The icy frost of inhumanity awaits you. But this is not an invitation to despair.
Prepare yourselves and know that I am at your side and also my son is available for you at any time. The Divine Love, the Divine Grace are available for you at all times.
With the blink of an eye, the love of God is within you. You only have to make use of it.
I bless you and I thank you for your courage and your constant worship, which has already saved many human souls. Do not despair, but get ready for the storm."