Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

2nd message from Novemver 26, 2020

Jesus Chrisr and The Blessed Virgin Mary 

I am on the phone with S. and suddenly I see Mary again.
She is standing still about 1.5 - 2m away from me in my living room.
She is wearing a white dress with a bluish turquoise cloth belt, knotted together in the front, the ends hanging down. She has about shoulder length brown hair, 80% covered by a white veil. She radiates a soft bright light and a kind of grace. She has a quiet beauty.

To be sure of her appearance, I nod to her and cross myself.
She crosses herself and bows her head briefly, as a sign of recognition.
Nevertheless, She feels as if She wants to discuss something serious, to give a kind of warning.

I inform S. that Mary has appeared and listen to the Holy Mother.
I immediately pass on Mary's messages to S. on the phone.

(I made the notes mostly after the fact and from memory. Only some sentences I can remember verbatim. The rest is described in indirect speech).

The Holy Mother lays Her hands on S. and my head.

She says that a serious time is coming.
There will be more fear in people's hearts, more anger and aggression.
She emphasizes that it is important to remain in love.
Mary shows me a huge bright sphere that appears in the sky.
There will be a kind of purification.
Those who are pure of heart have nothing to fear.
The world will be purified and liberated from lower energies and life forms.
It feels like "the Last Judgment," as it is popularly called.
Then a large floating white cross of light (Cross of Christianity) appears.
For a long while, the cross remains stationary. It contains a message.
S. explains for understanding that Jesus saved the world through love.

"My Son saved the world and He will do it again. Love will save the world."
"I send you my Son"

Jesus appears.

His face is a little different from the pictures you know of Him.
He has about shoulder length brown curly hair and brown eyes.
He is wearing a white plain robe.
He radiates a very strong white and pink light.
His presence is relatively impressive, but difficult to describe.

She says that Her son Jesus came to earth and freed her from suffering, and He will do so again.

In a slightly different form. He will save the world again with the help of love.

Jesus: "I know how difficult matter can seem. Do not be irritated by it.
There is a higher reality. The Father has knowledge of the higher reality and all that is in it. He can penetrate matter. Turn to the Father to remind you of this and then the higher reality will become real to you as well. We come from the Father and go back to Him."

[...personal messages]

Jesus tells us that time does not exist and is meaningless.
There will be a new earth created and a new way of living.
He says we can turn to God for anything we need. "All graces come from Him."
Jesus is now out of sight, Mary reappears.

Mary stresses that it is of utmost importance that S. and I remain steadfast and that we go forward with our faith and our connection to God. She asks us to be an example of faith. To tell others about Her and the apparitions. We are to prepare people that something is coming and remind everyone to strengthen the connection to God. To model it for them.

It is very important that we, S. & I, each in our own way, pass on the connection to God, faith, prayer to our fellow men. We should take away people's fears.
She emphasizes we may not scare people, but prepare them.

If they stay in God, nothing happens. This is what we are to convey to the people.
Mary goes on to say that there will be signs when the time comes.
We will recognize these and know that the time has come.

She shows me a large, floating, burning heart.

* personal message * [...]

"Place your head in My hands. Leave all your transgressions and sorrows to Me."

In my mind's eye, I place my head in the hands of the Holy Mother and She holds it. I cry bitterly for a few minutes.
She means to me that it is now time for personal matters.
We receive answers on personal issues.
After some time, She means to me that the question time is over.

She shows me a picture of S. and me walking through a dark forest at night; we are each holding a lantern. Behind each of us walks a whole row of people who have no light themselves. They follow our lantern light. Together we are walking towards a golden dawn.

I thank you comprehensively for your messages and their continuance.

In conclusion, she shows us we would experience many miracles if we remained in God. She emphasizes we may remain steadfast and in connection with God, pray a lot and remain in trust in God.

She says we should see Her like a friend who is there for us.

I see at the end how She places us each under a white cone of light.