Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

30th message from December 27, 2021

Jesus Christ -"The Warning" Part 1

Jesus appeared during the prayer group.
At first, a large white cross of light appeared again and again before the inner eye of the medium.
"Do not be afraid of Me." Thereupon He makes the sign with 2 fingers (as known from pictures).
He wears a white robe.

"Make haste, my child. Soon the wars will begin."

A very imposing energy in the room is felt. The medium sprinkles Easter holy water on the apparition for verification. In addition, Jesus is asked to confirm His presence, to show His wounds. He then shows the wounds on His forehead where His crown of thorns have made holes in the skin. The wounds shimmer red all around the head.

Again and again a white-golden, large light cross can be seen, which seems to fly towards the spectator. Again and again Jesus stands in front of the cross of light with his arms spread wide.

He shows His foot and it can be seen and felt that a thick nail has penetrated it from top to bottom.

His forehead and His heart shine in glistening bright white light.

Jesus is now announcing something to the general public. He wants to prepare that there will soon be a special event. A kind of bang that will make us, the people, wake up. We are to get ready for this wake-up call, for the awakening. For a kind of bang that will go through people. It will be physically felt. Let this be a warning that is connected with the question to everyone, which path do we want to follow as humanity. It feels like we are being confronted with ourselves in the course of this. A jolt that goes through humanity. A question in the heart that will arise. This will be so pervasive that no one will get past this question. Jesus says, "It is soon!"

The medium asks, "Jesus, what does soon mean to you?"

Jesus answers, "Time does not matter. Wait for my coming, wait for my call that will reach you all soon. It can still be months and it can be hours."

He explains it depends on several things. It also depends on us, the people.
There must be a certain point reached in the collective and then there will be a jolt that passes through us. Then there will be a separation. It is as if we are being separated from each other.

Jesus reassures us not to worry about the time. It is much more advisable to concentrate on igniting the light in our heart. Because this light will attract the event and it will pass through all. Jesus Christ will appear to all of us and give a warning and make our options clear.
Make clear what the consequences of what decision are. Everyone can make this decision for themselves.

He goes on to explain that everyone must decide for themselves. Some already know where they belong - it's easy for them to answer that question. But there are also many who do not know where they are going. Perhaps they are already in the stream of thousands of sheep (in the image described at the beginning) and do not even realize that they already belong. But there are also those who walk in the shadow and also do not notice it and for this this jerk will take place. It is relatively close in time, also in our dimensions. That is why everyone should be informed about it. This information should also be passed on to the bishops and cardinals and in the public address of the medium in which the message will be explained. They will know what it means. Those who are familiar with it, who have dealt with it, will know what it means. They will prepare themselves for it. They will want to go to confession, perhaps. They may want to kneel down, they may want to prostrate themselves to ask for forgiveness. They will need soul preparation time. So they can also prepare the people around them.