Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

30th message from December 27, 2021

Jesus Christ -"The Warning" Part 2  

Jesus says: "Do not be afraid my child, I will guide you through this vision. Trust me!
Do not be afraid! You are perfectly fit. I am taking you with me. Get ready."

We enter a vortex of light in the form of a tube, which is already well known from other apparitions. The vortex can be perceived from inside and outside at the same time. Everything is white light and in the tunnel is white swirling light, in which small, colorful shimmering particles swirl. A knowledge in the heart.

Jesus says, "Get ready."
After moving at a fast speed, the image comes to a stop.

The vision begins.

A bright, pure little lamb is seen. It runs away from something and runs to a large flock of thousands of sheep. Sheep as far as the eye can see.
These are running fast on a wide path over hills, toward the light that rises behind the hill like the sun. If you walk long enough, you come to the great white light. It is brighter than the sun.
It symbolizes the longing of the sheep for the light, the confidence, the hope, God. Hundreds of thousands of sheep walk together peacefully following this path.
Above them appears Jesus' cross, a golden-white cross of light, which in the sky shows the sheep the way.
It is a voice, a knowledge in the heart that shows everyone the right way. This voice speaks to everyone differently and yet everyone knows for themselves what it means.
It is a beautiful image that all sheep know where to go.
Jesus is standing there with a shepherd's staff and a crowd of sheep standing around Him, faithfully waiting to hear what He says. He is watching to make sure no sheep gets lost. It is a very beautiful sight. Jesus walks a bit and there are a few following Him. There are sheep that are very close to Him. They are completely white, which figuratively means that they are especially pure, and these are allowed to be especially close to Jesus. But this close place must be earned. By being especially faithful, by being especially deserving of others. These sheep receive special guidance from Him because they have received a special assignment.
He sends them into the world and assigns them a place in the world. He sends each special white sheep out into the world to do a special service. This ministry is possible through a very close and strong connection and is especially strongly supported by Jesus.
The group size is a handful in relation to the large crowd seen before. These particular white sheep are particularly determined, clear, sacrificial people who also face a particular tribulation. That is, they are people with sometimes difficult biographies who definitely have and/or had their struggles to fight. It may be that some of them can underestimate the value they have to others.

Jesus speaks in a private meeting with the medium who belongs to the group of particularly white sheep and receives personal guidance and regarding his task.
Jesus asks the medium to publish his messages as soon as possible in order to warn the people and to point out to them what is coming.

Now a picture of the acting pope is to be seen - Jesus informs us about  

Pope Francis,
who does not take this information seriously. He has received warnings in the past, as have his predecessors. They know the procedures because they are in the Bible. But Pope Francis is too entangled to find his right way. He is being pressured. He does not act of his own free will. True, it seems as if he acts freely because he is the head of the Catholic Church and called by God. But Jesus points out that in the position the pope is in, he does not have as much power of disposal as one might think. But also he will still have his bright moment. Even though he prays and asks for guidance several times a day and also hears the voice in his heart, sometimes he is not able to follow it. Although it would actually be his wish, although it would actually correspond to his value system. He does not have it easy at the moment. He also has a difficult test coming up, but it is not meant for the public.

Jesus once again shows the little lamb that wears a ring of light around its body.
A very radiant, pure little animal that radiates a great deal of peace.
The little lamb is Jesus.
It is the place of peace. He is also the one who can help everyone to find this place of peace and to remain in it.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen