Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

31st message from January 06, 2022

Jesus Christ – “Who is ready”

Jesus shows up with shoulder-length hair and a white robe. He radiates a bright light. A white, large cross of light appears and alternately Jesus again.
Then a golden cross with a swirl in the center appears, announcing the beginning of a vision.

In the vision, Jesus is standing in front of the mountain where He was crucified, surrounded by a huge flock of sheep that He is tending. He sends the sheep running off in the direction of the mountain. The visionary sees herself going up the mountain, but not as a person, but the outline of herself surrounded by a white-golden light, herself also shining and surrounded by a glow of light.

[...personal communication...]

Relatively far up the mountain, she feels that she no longer has the strength to reach the top, but then Jesus appears from above. He reaches out His hand to her. She grabs His hand and is pulled up. At the top, relief spreads. A large golden cross stands there in a light and bright atmosphere. It is an uplifting feeling to have arrived there. Looking downhill, a large crowd of sheep can be seen running up the mountain.

There is a sudden turn. Below the mountain, chasms open up, as if the earth is collapsing around the mountain. Everything that is not on the mountain falls into the abyss. But all the sheep that want to go up the mountain reach the top.

Now a special event announces itself. A kind of whirlpool appears in the cloud cover.
It is as if Jesus is speaking to each person in the world individually and His voice is heard everywhere. It feels a bit admonishing. As if He were speaking to people's consciences. As if He were saying, "Look where it's going if you keep this up!".
Apparently, people are divided into groups. However, it is a Divine distinction, according to Divine categories and criteria.
Proverbially one could say: "The sheep are in the dry."

Thereupon, something passes through the people and possibly the earth itself.
Something is happening to time. It has not become quite clear what exactly.

In the following relatively dramatic pictures are to be seen. The earth opened up and all those who are not on the mountain, i.e. all those who are not in Jesus' favor, who do not meet His standards, fall into the abyss. Also those to whom He does not grant His favor.

This is to be understood figuratively, that there will be a kind of warning, where categories of people will be created, according to Divine standards. In this process, one can classify oneself, but one will also be classified. All those who decide otherwise, or those who are sorted out because of their deeds and state of mind, their end has come.

The sight is imposing, as if you are standing on a very high peak and the landscape at the foot of the mountain collapses. It becomes empty on earth. After this event, there will be only those who are pure in heart. Up to that particular point, it is a process that takes place over a long period of time. A kind of purification process. This is also about seeing who is willing to accept hardships.

Then Jesus begins to speak:
"Who is ready to leave something behind?
Who is ready to fight for his truth, or to stand upright for his truth and to stand up for it, whatever the consequences may be?
Who is ready to stand up for himself in such a way that he is scolded for it - ostracized?
Who is ready to give up his wealth?
Who is ready to give up privileges, his status, his position? And to let the highest good, become the truth, in place of possessions, possessions and status symbols?
Who is ready to leave possessions behind? Who is willing to live in humility and poverty and commit his life to higher values?"

It may be that you discover this anew in yourself, that you own these priorities. That it wasn't even necessary to live this way before. You may have come to wealth and prosperity through hard work, but it occurs to you that there is something that has a higher value.

We are all called to examine our values, whether we really live our values.

What are our values and are we living by them? Or are there values that we might want to put in a different place? Do we notice that some values are more important than others?

Do we want to restructure our values?

Do we even want to restructure values of society?

Values that are based on divine principles.

"The protection of life. The value of life. The value of being born.
But also truth, sincerity, fair behavior, fairness, community, charity, helpfulness.

Human values like closeness, warmth, togetherness, love, faith, practicing faith, these are examples. There are an infinite number of other topics that need to be considered.  

Economy, how do we want to live economy? What does money mean? What is money actually?
Are there other ways to reward work? What does work actually mean? What does serving mean? At the center of these questions is service to others. The selfless service.  

Because when everyone acts like that, there are no wars, no greed for power, no fights, no competition. Then there is only togetherness, for one another."

[...personal communication...]

Jesus makes the sign of the cross and leaves.