Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


32nd message from February 02, 2022

The Blessed Virgin Mary "Pray for peace"

Dressed all in white with an expansive gown, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears.
She has lowered the gaze of her youthful face and appears sad.
Mary has a golden crown on and a small white lace collar on her neck.
"My mother's heart is crying," She says.
When asked why she is sad, she conveys her message to the visionary in the form of visions and images.

Images of tanks appear.
The military of an unnamed country is getting into position in a heated, tense mood.
This army does not want to go to war. This is clearly perceptible.
The political situation is very tense.

Children can be seen at the edge of the scene. Adjacent to the military area is a settlement.
A child looks through a fence at the military activity. From the child's perspective, more tanks can be seen.
This military seems to be getting ready.
"Maria, what is that?"
It feels like the Blessed Mother's heart is heavy as she observes her children preparing for war.
"Blood will be shed, but it can be averted."
The military seems to be positioning itself unwillingly and defensively to defend itself. It is a large army.

Mary has now changed Her appearance.
She carries on Her left arm the Child Jesus and in Her right hand a scepter.

She points to the sky to a great bright light and a white dove comes out of it with an olive branch in its claws. She receives the dove and passes it to a man. The latter takes it and leaves with it.
Now a bundle of these branches tied together can be seen. Two branches which cross each other at the ends.
"I am the Queen of Peace." She wants us to know: We can turn to Mary for peace.
She shows herself with the light in the background and there comes again and again the image of the dove emerging from the light. It indicates that war can be averted. This sign of peace is to be understood in such a way that she again points to herself as the queen of peace, whom we can ask for help in matters of peace.
Now there is an image of a child in pain, kneeling before Her, asking for help, and Mary shows him grace and envelops him in light. If we ask her, she helps us, is to be taken from this picture.

The radiance changes and she floats. The light behind Her shines even stronger and it seems very powerful.
So that one has the need to prostrate oneself.
Here she demonstrates her power, which we can believe in.
She wants us to understand how much power she has. Power that she wants to use for us.

An option of the future is shown, which does not have to occur in such a way; is avertible.

It is again military to see in defensive. There is a very tense atmosphere in the air.
One waits to see what the other side will do. This big army is waiting for the next moves of the enemy.
As in the movie, you see a scene of someone opening the lid of a red button and pressing it.
This symbolizes nuclear weapons. Flying missiles appear.
On the part of President Biden (USA) there are plans to use these weapons against Russia.
It is clearly noticeable that President Putin absolutely does not want to wage war.
He has absolutely no war ambitions. He is defending himself and his country.
You see bombs falling into houses, foreign troops marching through cities shoulder to shoulder.
These events are turning the whole world upside down.
It has global implications. When there is war in Russia, famine and a great death of children follow there.
In the course of this war, the Kremlin keeps making peace overtures, emphasizing that it has no interest in war. Putin keeps bringing up that his conditions are reasonable and not in any way too lofty. If these are met, then there is no reason for war. On the part of the USA it is noticeable that Biden, however, is not concerned with the content, but with waging war against Russia.
It is becoming apparent that there is someone above or behind Biden who wants this war for unknown reasons.
Biden is a puppet for someone unknown in the background.

Maria emphasizes: Mass death, acts of war and the use of nuclear weapons can be completely averted. It is not inevitable that this scenario will occur. This future option represents the worst possible course of events.
Our Lady emphasizes that if we turn to Her with our prayers for peace, She will help us.
She will forward our prayers to God and use them for good.

She is very pleased with the prayer group, very satisfied.
She asks us to continue it.
If we continue to pray as we have been doing, it will have a great impact!
And if all the members of the prayer group would be willing to fast 1 or better 2 days a week bread and water (or sometimes light food), it would help a lot.
She asks for 5 mercy rosaries daily.
On the days of fasting, Our Lady asks for chastity.
If we can do all this, we will also make Jesus very happy and make His heart shine. This is what She assures us.
You ask for an additional short prayer for peace during the prayer group.
In the delivery, we are to explicitly say that it is for peace.

When we have finished the three months of prayers for Germany and Austria, we are to begin the prayers for Russia.

In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.