Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

33rd message from February 12, 2022  

The Blessed Virgin Mary -"Drinking water shortage & food prices"

At the beginning of the vision of St. Virgin Mary, a cup with contaminated water is seen, which is pushed away again in fright. The water is not drinkable.

Thereupon Mary is seen - standing on a stone pedestal. Little by little, under her feet, pipes are forming all around her, protruding from the stone. They bring pure water to the surface.

"Water! Water is becoming a scarce commodity!
Prepare for war!

The reign, the tyranny of the "health policy" soon comes to an abrupt end.
Until an even greater tyranny begins.
Let you, do not be carried away to skip actions, alleged compromises,
that do not serve your health.
God alone has knowledge and power over your/your biology.
The divine order of your cells must not be touched.
The "vaccination" deludes you into a security, which in truth is subject only to the divine laws and the glory of creation.
Deceit and disgrace lies over your homeland (Germany).
Greed and selfishness. Guile and inhuman attitude.
The cloak of health protection makes you doubt your inherent wisdom and the knowledge that God alone is your help and your harbor.
Why do you not offer Him the respect and trust that has been inherent in you since the beginning of your existence and which is due to Him?
Iniquity! Iniquity, my children.
Iniquity has entered. Knowing full well the betrayal of God's creation."


Mary speaks a warning about water - about drinking water.
She speaks of groundwater contamination.
"Warn people of a shortage of drinking water.
Prepare for such an emergency.
Parts of Germany and neighboring countries will be affected.
Prepare for poverty, ... for hunger!
Food prices will skyrocket.
Parts of the electricity and gas supply will fail.
These circumstances will be artificially brought about.

My children, hear my call. Hear my words of warning. Soon the time will come.
Believe my words. Trust in my words. The emergency will soon begin!
Hear my words and prepare yourselves for the willfully, knowingly brought about circumstances.
But do not let your heart become heavy. Trust in my everlasting help and in the everlasting, infinite, unconditional love of God, your creator.
Help will be provided. You will not be alone and God will provide possible solutions. However, a great suffering will come upon the people who are not in faith. Because they have forgotten to entrust themselves and their lives to God. And in times of distress, when help is especially needed, the despair is great. And yet help is near for those who are firm in faith.
So do not feel alone or abandoned, because you are never alone or abandoned.
It is not possible at all. It is possible only in the illusion of being abandoned by God.
An illusion that you can choose and an illusion that you can also choose to leave.
So do not despair because of the bad news that I bring you today, because help is near.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
Go in peace."