Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

34th message from February 17, 2022

Jesus Chrisr -"The Judgment Day”

An apparition of Jesus begins.

He presented the wounds on His back to confirm Him and the lashes that were inflicted on His back. It feels very painful.

First, He delivers a personal message to the seer.
Then He continues saying:

"But I do not come only full of praise for you. I also come to give a word of warning. Because of the world situation. Please warn your brothers and sisters about the tsunami, about the storm, about war. War is coming. And it will shake up the earth. But that is not all.
You can see the future, my child, and if I may, I would like to show it to you.
I will show you something important. I would like to ask that this become the first message you give to Countdown to the Kingdom."

The vision begins.

Jesus is dressed like some kind of king. He has a crown on and a white robe with long sleeves.
On the robe is a large golden cross.
It is a scene in the clouds with beautiful bright colors in pinkish and yellowish tones and clouds are everywhere. In the back further through you can see implied a bright light, a little door.
This one is a little further away. It is a nice scene with pleasant atmosphere. Behind this tiny gate waits a kind of angel, accompanied by Jesus, who is also in this picture and invites you to enter. After passing through, the feeling changes abruptly. From one second to the other a trance state enters. The visionary is taken along by Jesus and the angel and a lot of love and support emanates from them. After walking together for a while, the three of them now look into a tunnel of light, which at first looked like a well with a lot of bright light coming out of it, which then turned into a tunnel.
The seer enters another scene where she is not alone. She feels in her back this love and protection that surrounds her. She is asked to look around.
In this place it is oppressive. It seems like a war scene, as if the war is over, or truce. The vibration is very low. One does not feel very comfortable in this place, it is unpleasant, rather to run away.
Then there are people on horses and a steam engine. The scenery is reminiscent of the wild west, as if it were somewhere in America. Perhaps it is about themes, such as war.

Suddenly, a huge beam of light appears from the clouds, breaking through the cloud cover.
A very impressive picture appears. You can see how the clouds condense and a ring is formed, from which a huge beam of white-golden light breaks out.
Angels with trumpets appear, which stay at this beam of light.

Then the perspective changes and you can see travelers sitting in a lock and looking at this event from a distance. The ray of light falling from the sky to the earth is apparently visible to the human eye. People get frightened, are quite amazed and run to the windows to observe this event. The ray of light spreads in waves into the earth and above the earth. It gives the impression that it is what is called the Last Day.

Then a kind of ring of fire wraps around the earth and those who walk in the shadows can be seen.
Around them was a dense fog and they resemble zombies. When the light enters, these people who are in the fog, in the shadows, startle. They turn to this light and are torn from their physical shell. They simply fall down dead and the souls are received. They go back to the sky.

Suddenly a huge flaming cross can be seen in the sky, from which light also emanates.
People prostrate themselves with their faces on the ground and their arms stretched forward on the ground. A voice sounds from the cross and every person, all over the world, hears this voice. Some are writhing on the ground in agony because this is the moment when one's soul is glimpsed.
There is a huge area to be seen, a field where people have thrown themselves to the ground, praying, cowering. Some immediately fell down dead, left their bodies and ascended to heaven as souls. Then everyone begins to float and a kind of light mist settles over the earth. It seems to be a cleansing of the earth and the people, an inner cleansing.
One can now review one's life and decide where to go.
Whether one wants to continue living on earth or whether one wants to return to God.

The seer sees people riding slowly on horses and other animals walking around.
It is as if a thick fog has taken over America for some unknown reason.
It seems to be local and through this fog the light breaks out of the clouds.

This scene and images have ended. The visionary did not understand the background.

Jesus stands before her and places His hands on her shoulders, indicating that what He is saying now is very important.

She sees an inner image.

Jesus points to the sky and there is a kind of meteor, glowing reddish. The meteor strikes the earth. In connection with this, waters are poisoned, they overturn.
An image of black water is seen. Whole areas of land wither and spoil because of the poisoned water. There will be crop failures and water shortages because many springs are poisoned.
People will starve or die of thirst. It seems to affect America.
However, those who have a strong connection with God could help through their prayers.
When they pray over this water, it clears up and that seems to be the solution. The water always turns over after some time because it comes from a certain source and the poisoned water keeps on flowing. Where it was purified or healed by the prayers, the poison always comes again after a time.
There are corn and maize fields in America to see, the effects on the crops and the problem, does not remain only in America. If a major section in America cannot produce grain or corn, it affects the whole world because America also supplies everywhere.
The next vision seems to be about mineral resources. A pretty picture of a waterfall with light falling on it is seen. Under the mist of the waterfall many people are walking, wearing something on their heads, it reminds of the primitive people in South America. They have darker skin, they wear natural fabrics as clothes. They carry something up from under the ground, all this on foot. If you follow this stream of people, it could be gems that they carry. The seer does not know the background.
These people seem to be under attack. They are a peaceful people and just want to live quietly and do not intend to enrich themselves with the gems. They use them for themselves, simply because it is there. They are green stones like emeralds or jade.
Then they are attacked and they also fight back. They are a fighting people, but they can't fight the attackers. The attack is about the mineral resources that someone else wants for himself. The attackers are very fast, like a special unit, moving very fast like shadows. They disappear just as quickly, leaving dead bodies and taking the stones, mineral resources with them. This is covered up.
They seem to be Indians. One of them runs very fast, has war paint on his face, feathers on his head and all black hair.

"Child of truth, proclaim! Child of sight, proclaim!
Illuminate your brothers and sisters with the light of truth.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."