Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

35th message from March 18, 2022

Archangel Michael -"The Wounds of the World Soul"

"I am here to bring news. Customer for humanity. I have an important message
and I ask you to listen carefully.
Humanity is at a turning point, at a crossroads.
I am here to bring peace.
May I speak through you?
-Yes. -
You already know this procedure. You have nothing to fear from me."

Archangel Gabriel speaks: "Humanity is making a great mistake. It does not recognize its mistakes
and repeats them. Thus, the exclusion and solidarization with one side is a problematic
attitude, because all of you come from unity and maybe you don't want to hear it or maybe you can't
you can't understand it, but you are all one. And that's how wars happen time and time again.
Borders are to be protected as well as state interests. Competitive thinking, but also threat
and killing never brings the solution. So you are once again faced with the situation of repeating this mistake.
and yet the solution would be so simple.
Have you listened to each other?
Have you made an effort to listen to the side of the supposed other party?
How does peace come about? Does peace come from incitement?
Does peace come from defamation?
Or does peace come about through a peaceful attitude and a unifying and harmonizing language and that of carrying understanding and warmth of heart to the outside world?

And so you are again at this point in history where everything is repeating itself.
Is this what you really need?
Is this the war you need in order to understand what really matters?
To understand what the truth is, what your truth is, the truth of your being?
The truth in your heart? Do you believe what your heart tells you?
There are quiet voices in society that offer to listen to the other side, to understand the arguments, to look at the whole picture.
We would like to draw your attention to listen to these voices.
Who take a different stance than the one that is mainly spread in the public and is considered the appropriate one, because they offer a solution.
This site offers a solution by advocating peace and understanding.

And it is not advisable to irritate the Russian president further, because he knows how to and he stands proudly for his country.
Here comes the question: what is the higher view? What is the truth behind things?
And that is not easy to answer. It would perhaps deprive you of an opportunity to develop yourselves by informing yourselves.
Where is the truth? But I can tell you that the more he is pressured (the Russian president), and the more he is threatened and punished, the less he will put up with. It is important to enter into peace negotiations from all sides.
Each side, which is in any way involved in this process, is called upon to approach the other in peace and understanding and consideration and respect and to make every effort to understand the side of the other.
Yes, the Russian president should do this as well, but so should everyone else, every other party that is involved.

We would like to go one level higher in our consideration here.
Away from your earthly level. We take you one level further up.
What does what is happening mean? What does it mean from a higher perspective?
The medium through which I am speaking here does not yet sense the message that is about to come.
And yet it is silently enduring this to give me the space to speak with you.
I am the Archangel Gabriel. I am the guardian of the light and I bring the truth.
I stand up for the truth and I help every person on this earth who also wishes to who also wishes to live in the values of truth.
You can call me, you can ask me to help you find your own truth. And I can also help you find the truth behind what is happening, if you are willing, because it takes a little strength and a little courage.
Sometimes the truth is different than we would like it to be, than we think the situation is understand and that's where I help you, I help you.

Well, we were on our way to the higher spheres, above the globe.
Imagine that you are near the sun and you are looking at the earth from here.
You are surrounded by light and warmth and it is pleasant here.
You can imagine being in a spacesuit that helps protect you from the heat. Or you are in a spaceship, or whatever imagination is comfortable to you.
This is not about the scientific, physical occurrences, but it is about the vision. It's about the perspective that we want to take here.
So imagine you are very far away from the earth, for example, near the sun, which warms and strengthens your back. You are completely relaxed and look from a great distance at the goings-on on your home planet, the earth.
And what do we see here? We see people in turmoil. We see smaller hotspots, smaller and larger trouble spots spreading across the globe.
And now a being of golden light is approaching the earth. It is even
larger than the earth and it is flooding the earth with golden light. It is there to help.

What I want to tell you is that this happening is in accordance with the divine order.
It is perfect as it is and you can look at this as a lesson in learning.
Or as a chance to rethink entrenched structures and opinions.
The changes that are coming may be uncomfortable and they may upset you. Yet they will be for your good. Nothing happens that is not allowed and nothing happens that does not contribute to your highest good as humanity and to the highest good of each individual. So it is my pleasure to tell you that nothing is lost and nothing will be lost. That you are in perfect harmony with the divine will. Trust that the perfect divine order is at work in your life.
In each individual life and also in the collective. And that may help you give up fear.
The fear of losses, of acts of violence, etc. I don't even want to elaborate on that.
Fear has dominated your thoughts and it is now time to let go of the fear thoughts, the structures of fear. Trusting in God that everything is taken care of at any time and that the Creator uses his infinite and loving power to shape all your lives for the highest good.
life for the highest good. Do not think that there are coincidences here. Do not think that this
has not been orchestrated for eons of years, and polished to the smallest detail.
Every party on this earth, every party (in the sense of being part of what is happening) is taking a role in the
world events to point out wounds of your soul to all of you. And so you can see the wounds
of the world soul in yourselves. Because how many wars already covered this earth since infinite
this earth since infinite times? How many wars, fights, warlike conflicts,
acts of violence? It is an important issue of humanity that requires healing.

Trust yourself that your perception is accurate.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak through you, beloved child.
And my name is Archangel Gabriel."