Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

36th message from March 19, 2022

Jesus Christ - "The bear, wheat, gas and rockets"

During the prayer group, the visionary sees a cross of white light floating in the room,
which is beautifully decorated. Radiant struts emanate from it decoratively and in the
Center is a kind of radiant gemstone.
When Jesus appears, there arises in her the feeling and need to prostrate herself.
And although there is something powerful in His radiance, it is still a mild atmosphere.
He speaks to her with soothing words and tells her that He wants to take her to show her something.

Jesus speaks to her the following words, "It draws near!"
With this, the visionary connects the warning that has been announced several times.
They walk together through a winding tunnel of light, as if moving through time.
She sees a hill and how he hangs there on the cross. He looks desperate, as if he is accusing God.
He says, "Father, why have you forsaken me!"
It feels alone and abandoned, like the hardest hour. Jesus shows her his dying on the cross.
The hour "zero", as if the world stops. A glow of light falls from heaven on the cross.
People come to mourn Him, to regret His death.

Jesus repeats twice, "This is very important now!"
He shows how the people take Him down from the cross.
The scene changes and they go back in time and various scenes of His suffering appear. Jesus is whipped, He wears the crown of thorns, He drags the heavy cross.
The scorn and the ostracism are palpable. They laugh at Him like a clown and spit on Him.
All this, however, did not touch Him, because inwardly He had only His mission in mind.
He knows what He is doing this for. He knows that the more He suffers, the better.
The more painful and the more unpleasant it is for Him, the more He can help mankind with it.
Jesus is in constant contact with the Father, loving and trusting, so that He can block out everything else. He is fully aware of what He is doing and for what.

By pointing out these scenes, Jesus wants to tell us that all this has been forgotten today.
Jesus invites the visionary to follow Him: "Come." They pass through a tunnel again.

Jesus speaks: "Be aware. Be aware of the danger. Be aware of the changes.
Prepare yourself. It is not a piece of cake. Changes are coming and only those who are firm in faith can go through
can pass through the eye of the needle together with me. Let me show you some pictures.

1st picture: A detonating atomic bomb.
2nd picture: Riders on horses
3rd picture: A bear
4th picture: Rocket

To image 2: The seer sees riders on horses wearing helmets.
White horses, white pied horses, black horses. It looks like a police squadron.
It seems as if someone is being chased with horses.

To picture 3: The bear is symbolic for Russia.
The face of Putin can be seen and it is communicated how he feels pushed to the wall.
Putin seems to have "an ace up his sleeve" and when he feels pushed to the wall to the maximum, he will bring out his "ace". It is not possible to see what exactly is meant by this.

Regarding picture 4: He presses a button and a missile flies off, but it does not seem to be a nuclear weapon.
The missile is flying across the so-called "big pond" to America.
This is to be understood as a warning from Putin not to mess with him.
He is signaling, "I am ready to use this."
He does this out of a calculation. He wants to deter with it.
Further it goes in the vision around the USA - Russia conflict.
Cities can be seen where the light flickers, goes off and on.
Certain parts come to a standstill, as if by an electromagnetic impulse.
Such an attack seems to be a thought process of Putin in the future.
He will come to a point where his patience breaks and then he will want to use these weapons.
He will probably decide against it, but it is as if his "fingers are itching".

A map can be seen, lines radiate from Russia towards Europe.
They are the hostile countries, among others Germany will be affected.
Gas supply will be turned off from Russia and Putin will stop wheat exports.
These are a kind of "respects" that will be distributed by Russia.
Russia shows its limits there and acts shortly.

The visionary has the order of events of the visions confirmed again.

First there is the interruption of the gas and wheat deliveries to European countries.
Then the long-range missile is launched as a warning in the direction of the USA.
The visionary is given to understand that by then there has already been a political development.
The Russians do not do this for no reason.

To Fig. 1: An attack with a nuclear bomb is the worst case scenario.

The seer asks if the use of the atomic bomb is definite.  

The answer is "no."
It is a potentially possible scenario, but one that is getting closer.

The seer asks Jesus, "Is there anything we can do?
Is it avertable, even in terms of wheat and gas?"

Jesus answers, "Turning off the gas supply is not avertable. The use of the rocket and the
nuclear bomb doesn't have to happen, but it's becoming more likely as Putin gets more and more cornered

The seer asks again, "But Jesus, why won't he stop shelling Ukraine? I don't understand."

Jesus explains the context to her, "He's defending his borders. Putin feels threatened by Ukraine
threatened and by the connections with NATO. He has thought to attack before he is
himself is attacked, because he can control that more easily. Ukraine is a shaky candidate.
It's about global connections and broader connections that have led to this
strategic move by Putin. These losses are more manageable for him than if
Russia being bombed."

Seer: "The whole world is wondering whether Putin has gone mad, whether he is concerned with expanding his
of his tsarist empire. Has he become a warmonger? What's going on?"  

It is conveyed to her that this is a product of many years of Russia and Putin being
have been backed into a corner geopolitically. He has now decided to make a quick
blitzkrieg, to take action himself before he has to wait to see what others do.
before acts of war come from other countries. He is, so to speak, making his move.

Jesus gives thanks.

The seer feels a current of energy moving through her forehead and Jesus is helping to direct it in a well-dosed way.
He says that she has done very well and that it will continue.