Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


37th message from May 15, 2022

The Blessed Virgin Mary 
"You shall recognize the wolf!"

The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared before the prayer group and remained present during it.
She was classically dressed with white veil, white dress and turquoise belt.
Mary radiated modesty and a very delicate, fine energy. She feels loving, kind and supportive.
The apparition is tested with the water of the Immaculata well from Sievernich.
She then smiles mildly and it feels as if all present are enveloped by Her love.

The Blessed Virgin says:
"Do not despair, my children, do not despair. Whether the times are hard, whether the news are bad.
There is always hope available, there is always the silver lining.
I feel with you, I feel the heaviness, I feel your fear, your worries, your hardships.
Do not think that I do not perceive it. Do not think that I will leave you alone with it.
Turn to me when you have worries. I am the mother of all of you and I will take care of you motherly.
I will take care of you, I will envelop you. I will comfort you when you cry and I will give you hope when you despair. I will give you peace when you are troubled. And I know your minds are already troubled and yet I want to prepare you and I know these changes and the announcements frighten you.
And I ask you, who are firm in faith, do not give up! My children, do not give up!
My children, you are the rock here on earth. You hold the love, you hold the light.
You are the lanterns in the dark and you know how to hold this energy, how to let your light shine.
And I urge you: Stand firm in your faith! Stay steadfast! Stay strong for God!

And with every little gust of wind, with every obstacle, with every little rock or peak that you think you have to climb, that seems too high for you, ask me for help.
Turn to me, turn to my Son and to the Father, to the Creator of all things.
For He knows the background, He knows the order, and He can restore you to safety.
So remain in trust, my children, and at every little wavering, do not hesitate to call me.
Do not hesitate to turn to your God, the Father who has promised to always be there for you.
And these are not empty promises. His word is law. So do not despair, my children.
You are love here on this earth. And through you, so many people benefit that you cannot even imagine it.
You who are in faith. You who pray, you who want to give your life and your work to the Creator as a gift to serve humanity, to contribute to the well-being of all. You are the rock of the world.

Ask for help. Ask and it shall be given to you - in abundance.
Do not surrender to the idea that lack exists. It exists for those who believe in it. But be aware, the lack is an illusion.
There is enough for everyone. There is more than enough for everyone.
Enough goods, enough money, enough love, enough friends, enough food, enough water, enough health.
There is enough for everyone. Open your hand, my child, and receive from the abundance of life.

I want to prepare you. I know it scares you, but it is my duty to warn you.
I am the Queen of Prophets, I am the Queen of Peace, I am the Mother of all of you, the Mother of Christians.
And so I want to warn my children. This is how I want my children to be informed.
I don't want my children to run into the darkness.
My children should be able to recognize the wolf when it is in front of them.
My children must be warned, of the darkness, of the storm that is coming.
My children are children of love and the children of love wallow in security, if they are ready for it.
My children must be warned!
My children shall know the storms.
My children shall be able to recognize every little sign when the storm announces itself.
And so I ask you again, go into trust and do not let yourselves be shaken.
Thank you, my children.
Thank you for your trust.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to my words and for giving me your hearts.