Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

38th message from May 16, 2022

Jesus Christ - "World War 3?! Peace is possible!"

The Blessed Virgin Mary is already present during the prayer group.

The visionary had the impression that She would like to deliver another message.
The apparition, the room and those present are sprinkled with holy water to verify its authenticity.
The apparition of Our Lady persists.

A vision begins. Mary stands in a lush rose garden by a hedge and looks around the garden.
The scene seems to take place in Mary's childhood home. She is still very young, childlike and naive.
In the background there is an angel with a trumpet in his hand approaching her.
It seems to be Archangel Gabriel.

The vision shows Mary at a time in her life when she did not yet know where she was going.
Jesus is not yet born. The scene shows that he was already silently visiting Mary before Her conception and role as the mother of Jesus, as the Mother of God, without Her being aware of it.
The archangel Gabriel approaches Her, but remains in the background.
He has apparently already accompanied and protected Her at this time.

[Interpretation of the seer:
Such visions usually have a certain statement for us. Here it expresses trust, confidence in God and being protected. Even at times in our lives when we do not know or suspect anything about it, we are accompanied and protected by God and His light-filled helpers.
It is a very beautiful image that everyone can transfer for themselves. This protection and accompaniment are always there, without us perhaps hearing great words, seeing special signs, or being able to perceive the spiritual helpers themselves. We can always trust that they are around us, taking care of us].

After this short scene in the rose garden, Jesus' cross appears again and again as an image before the inner eye. It is simple and approaching.
Now Jesus Christ appears in himself. Classically with shoulder-length dark hair and white robe.
His presence triggers the feeling of wanting to throw oneself before Him.

Jesus now speaks, "You asked me for help?"
Seer: "Yes, I did."
Jesus: "Are you ready?"
Seer: "For...?"
Jesus: "Don't you trust Me?"
Seer: "Of course I do! Yes, I am ready. Okay."
[...personal messages...].

Jesus continues, "Now for the prophecy."
He now strikes a slightly sharper tone:
"Yes... the peace...
That's one thing about peace, isn't it! How nice that would be if everyone lived in peace.
Don't you think so? But the ones up there, they move the switches, they sit at the longer lever. I have no power there. I can't do anything. I'm not in control, I'm a little person.
How does that sound to you?
Nuclear war, that's what we're supposed to be prepared for now? World War III, war here, war there. Isn't that scary?
My children, it saddens me. That you feel so powerless that you don't bang on the table and say "NO, we won't go along with that! We will not go to war! We don't support the war!"
Are you guys powerless? Is that your true self?

Not at all!
I want to remind you all that you are created in the image of God, and I also want to remind you that you can choose.
What do I choose?
What does your heart tell you?
What does your heart tell you about the truth?
Up and down I preach - listen to your heart-.
The archangels, the angels, the heavenly hosts, We all call out to you:
- Choose wisely! Seek the truth! - ,and it seems to fade away, like an echo in the mountains that you hear, but it passes by. And you wonder: - Oh, did you hear it too? Now it is gone again, as if nothing had happened.
Take courage, my children! Take heart and say - STOP! I will not go along with this! I choose something else, also for my people! I belong to this people and I choose peace! - It is an opportunity to demonstrate peacefully, to come together, to stand up for it, to make it clear, to be loud, that this is not the right way and that politics is bypassing the citizen.
Yes, the war...
You want to know what happens next? Yes? Is that what you really want?
So many have lost faith. So many have lost faith, let the warnings fall flat, let the messages fizzle out, or even think they are nonsense. The idea that there is a God.
There are enough people who also think this is nonsense. And why turn to someone who doesn't even exist?
It is the turning point. You are at the crossroads. Speak up! Let it be known what you think! Show your colors! If you don't agree, don't hide like a mouse in its hole, waiting until the cat has passed by and eaten another mouse.
Let me inspire you to the empowerment, to the self-empowerment, yes, challenge you.
You want to know what is written? What will happen next? This thriller in which you live?
I can show you if you want me to.
Please remember, no matter what happens, I am there.

These dystopian thoughts, these dark premonitions of the future, these fears in the atmosphere, in space, even in the soul of the people, I feel them and I can take them to Myself. You do not need to live like this. You co-create. You co-create the reality. And your thoughts and your feelings can feed certain future options or developments. So you do well to think positive thoughts, for example, by also imagining that peace reigns. That miraculously peace comes over the warring parties and over all involved, by imagining that in pictures with the corresponding feeling. And leave these negative visions aside.
It can be averted. Let me tell you again. It is not fixed.
Peace is possible!
Peace is possible right now.
If enough people come together, enough people of pure heart, praying together, creating a positive vision together, a big crowd. That can change so much. Become aware that you are helping to create through such actions. It is so important. Please do not forget this. And when I show you now what can possibly come, it does not mean that it will come. It means that if you continue now, it will happen. But if you change it, the future will also change."
The vision follows:
The first image, as with the previous presence of Jesus, is of an atomic bomb exploding.
There seems to be someone who has an interest in this happening. There is a malevolent force/person/group of people that has an interest in war or nuclear war. This kind of "party" has malignant ambitions.
This association wants to see the world burn. But it is always the question how much power one gives to such "parties". How much to grant them. It doesn't have to happen, but nerves are on edge on all sides.
As a second image, bars appear. People in prison can be seen who are very much against being there.
They are people who are there unjustly. They do not follow a certain ideology that is publicly given; in that sense, they are not "loyal to the regime."

This is a warning against political development.
That you want to get rid of certain people by putting them in prisons. The image seems very dictatorial.
This is becoming a general development that applies to many countries.
Again, it's emphasized that that doesn't have to come that way either.
It depends on how much the people revolt, whether the people play along or not.
The seer perceives a call to disobedience.
In the third image, a police squadron can be seen. Policemen on horses with batons.
This array of police serves to intimidate.
Jesus now says literally:
"It is imperative to heed Our Lady's warnings regarding gas, electricity, food, etc. One does well to heed this and to prepare oneself practically and concretely.
This will come. That is planned. That is true for Germany.
And it is being deliberately and purposefully taken to extremes in order to have more influence through this emergency situation, among other things, because it is easier to direct people when they are in fear and have nothing to eat.
These warnings should be taken seriously. Everyone should take precautions as best they can."

The seer asks Jesus when He will return, when He will give the warning.
He says we should connect with each other heart to heart and focus on our inner peace so that we can maintain our own inner peace. In this way, we can let the warning approach more quickly.
But He may not say exactly when it will be, because this is also a development and it is important that the development happens.
From one focus to another, from the head to the heart.
Jesus: "I love you my child. Thank you for your time. Thank you for the space I could get, through your voice, through your body. Thank you
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. - Amen."