Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

39th message from June 10, 2022

Jesus Christ -"Artificial Scarcity & the Nets of the Antichrist"

During the prayer group when the seer was praying along loudly, Jesus Christ appeared and put His arm around her. Immediately the trance began.
Jesus said, "You asked me for help and here I am. Are you ready for the message?"
Seer: "Yes."
Jesus: "I am Jesus Christ, my child. I am your Lord. I am your shepherd. I am Jesus Christ.
I want to take you on a journey today. It may astonish you."

As always, He enters a kind of light vortex of swirling white light in which various colors flash.
He stands in it and reaches out his hand to her. They walk through time.
Jesus: "I want to show you something. Come. Follow Me."
They are in a desert. There is a lot of sand and a cactus.
Jesus opens a door in the scene, as if going into another dimension.
The visionary tries to step through this crack, but she can't see behind it or follow Him.
Jesus has gone through and come out again.
Jesus: "What do you think it means?"
Seer: "I don't know. (laughs) That there is another world behind the world? That there is a visible realm and an invisible realm? But I am basically well acquainted with that. I suspect that you were trying to say something else with that."
Jesus: "What do you see?"
Seer: "It looks a bit like a theater play. I see sand, cacti, the sky, and a rock. It looks like at the end of the True Man Show [note: a movie]. There's the landscape painted on the wall, like it's the landscape, but it's just the scenery."
Jesus: "What do you feel?"
Seer: "Well, just seeing this scenery that looks like a theater play ... I'm irritated yes."

On the wall there seems to be a double door. A part of this door opens a little bit and the painted on goes a little bit forward and behind it you see the light. There is a bright light coming out.
It looks like He is trying to tell us that we are all in a play and that things seem different than they are.
That there is a truth behind things that is basically invisible to those in the play - to us.
There is an even higher truth that is different than we make it out to be or understand in our reality.
Now the picture begins to crumble, as if this background on which the landscape is painted is made of stone that is crumbling and falling down. It rolls down really fast, so the picture is no longer really visible.
All that's left is the ground and a banner, a transparent curtain on which this landscape is painted. The curtain blows slightly, so that you can guess that there is something else behind it.
The curtain now lifts a little bit, so that you can see that there is something else behind it, but it is not clear what it is.
It seems as if the veil would be lifted in the figurative sense for us humans - as if truths and backgrounds would come to light. These are not so much human truths, but much more cosmic truths.
As if mankind would be brought closer to the truth of its existence.
Beyond all nations and laws, human cultures etc., beyond being human.
As if knowledge would be given to us.
Jesus: "Very good! Come along. The higher connections of your situation will soon be understandable to you."

The picture changes. The seer now sees a hot spring. It is a very beautiful water, like a round basin, a bath. People are bathing in it. Suddenly the water becomes hotter and bubbles more. It becomes too hot to bathe in. The seer has the impression that it is happening in the USA. It is a warning.
It's about the sulfur concentration. The authorities have to close these springs because it is getting too dangerous to bathe in. There seems to be subsurface changes that are leading to this.
No time period is given for the increase in sulfur concentration.
Again the picture changes. Now a wheat field appears. The grain is being weighed by the wind.
Again, this is a warning that the wheat will run out, or there will be a shortage.
It seems to be global, but will not affect every country. It is an artificially created shortage.
There are people in the background working on certain plans and they have pulled many strings and let their relationships play. It acts like a spider's web.
A web of allies who are all working towards a certain goal and that obviously includes the artificial shortage of wheat, or food. It affects many countries. [Note: In some places, this development has already begun.]
How people are doing doesn't matter to these people. Whether they starve miserably, however they come to death. The fate of the individual people is completely indifferent to them. They are striving for something specific. They have inhuman, human-despising plans and every means is right for them, in order to convert these plans, in order to arrive at their goal.
All this ultimately serves the Antichrist. Slowly and gradually he rises, but still "in slow motion".
He does not show himself yet, but he is there. He has positioned his chess pieces in a well-considered way.
He waits until the time is ripe. Everything is very well prepared.

Those who pursue evil plans in the background believe in "science".
They are convinced to do a service to mankind. It is a twisted and deluded worldview. From their point of view, it is not evil. Rather, they believe they have to help humanity get to the next level of evolution.
This, they say, involves connecting humans with technology.
It's as if they're saying, "This is now; this is the step that needs to be taken. This is the progress."
In their belief, this would make us all "better people" - optimized, flawless.
We could be re-engineered like computers. That's kind of the thinking.

Jesus says to this: "This way of looking at things, this approach undermines creation, the Creator.
It puts itself above the Creator and this circumstance opens new doors for absolute evil.
It is not that the people who pursue these plans are evil in themselves. They believe what they say is now necessary and right. That we all need to be optimized. But by this ignorance of the divine creation, the laws of creation, the divine order, it opens doors for real evil."

This is also an urgent warning from Jesus to beware of this development, because creation must not be touched. It is holy. It is in divine order as it is and it does not need to be optimized.
And if there is something that can be healed, that needs a change, it happens exclusively through God.
Only through the one God. There is only one God.
Jesus warns against having anything implanted or implanted. Unless, as before, you need implants, prostheses, a bypass for health reasons, for example. Things that restore health.
The warning refers to it itself microchips e.g. under the skin or into the brain to let insert!
The plans for such a change at the human being are there. Jesus warns against joining this trend.
He asks not to do it. To leave the body intact, untouched by such technical changes.
He makes clear, who joins this, is more easily attackable by the darkness.
It opens a crack to the darkness and that is very dangerous.

Jesus now goes into the subject of "false prophets". He predicts there will be false prophets. They will try to lead people in the wrong direction. But these prophets are not telling the truth.  They are not prophets sent by God. They are not prophets working for God. They are there to lead astray. To lead astray, to cause confusion.
But these false prophets can be recognized. They leave you with an uncomfortable feeling.
This is the sign to watch out for. If the hair stands on end at what they say, if the love of God is not conveyed through the message, it is the mark of a false prophet.
This seems to be a kind of preliminary stage. The false prophets are literally "mushrooming" everywhere. They are preparing the way for the Antichrist, who is already lurking in the background.

He is already quite close. (The seer gets goose bumps.) He is there, waiting for the appropriate moment to enter the stage.
She sees a very frightening image. In the foreground is a rather lumbering creature with multiple curved horns. It walks slowly.  In the background there is a giant horned beast in the fog.
It looks like the devil with black horns and glowing eyes. It is repulsive.
In this picture it is still stuck in a kind of box.
It is emblematic of the Antichrist, who moves slowly upward, but has little freedom of movement.
Jesus takes the visionary again, puts His hand on her shoulder again.
Jesus: "Come, rest again. Thank you for your time. Thank you for allowing Me to speak through you. Thank you for all your efforts. I am very pleased. Rest now.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."