Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


3rd message from December 01, 2020

The Blessed virgin Mary confirms the task

Mary, I ask you for your guidance.
I am very uncertain and I humbly ask You to confirm the task that You have given me and S.

"Stop doubting, beloved child of God. Let me pour my love for You into You.
Soon You will be exalted above it and You will see Your way clearly.
Do not be afraid of me. I am not here to punish you.
You have asked me for help and I have rushed to your aid.
Don't you trust in God's plan? In His help? In His guidance?
Beloved child, you are a seer.

A medium.
A messenger.
An agent of the Light.

You have chosen this task.
Also the burden that goes along with it.

And nevertheless you will carry it and master it brilliantly. What worries you?"

Holy Mother, is it true that I am supposed to pass on Your messages? This is what scares me.
Have I misunderstood You?

"No, beloved child. It is true. You have the gift of foresight. What do you doubt?"

About the correctness of the message. Have I made a mistake?
Why would the Holy Mother give me such a task?
Or did I misunderstand the intention?
Did you perhaps not mean it as I understood it?

"Do not be afraid of me, my child. I want to be your friend.
You may trust the messages I give you.
It is trustworthy. HE [the " Dark One"] has no power when I am there."

Yes, Holy Mother. Thank You.

"Back to your question. Trust me. You will find a way. In truth, you already have."

Can you please repeat the message? Is that possible?
The message you want me to pass on?

"Go forth. Proclaim that God is causing Judgment Day to come.
Show people that there is a way out of sin. That means coming back to their true selves and remembering who they are and where they came from.
They have forgotten and they need help to remember God.
To their true core of being.
They will see God again, feel His presence, praise His glory.
With Your help they can face the Last Day without worries.
Wash their souls clean.
Tell them God loves them. He has not forgotten them. Even though it may seem that way.
Tell them nothing is lost. There is a new heaven and a new earth.
The apostles show the way of perfection."

What about your son? Jesus.

"I wasn't finished yet."

"Tell them God loves them. They don't need to earn His love.
He loves them and He loves them without ceasing.
There is no end to it.
Tell them they may leave the way of iniquity, of going into fear, of loneliness.
They will need you.
Everyone will need you and your friend S.
You can show the world that God exists.
That the saints exist.
That love is endless and it is especially important in times of need.
The unnecessary obedience destroys the world and it is important to connect.
To establish the bonds between people.
Not the fear.
The rules of society take over and only a few benefit.
There will be signs. Signs that the Savior is coming.
And He will come. With all His power. And He will spare the souls.
Those who will help build the world. Who are pure of heart.
The new age is coming. And they shall be prepared.
Show them who God is.
Show them who you are.
Spread the word that God is drawing near and has great things in store.
Take S. with you. Let Her be your right hand. Your equal companion.
She plays a big role in this. Support each other. She will help you to bring the glory... [didn't understand]....
Tell them God is near.
They need you."

How, Holy Mother? How many?

"All of them.
Anyone and everyone.
Spread the word."

Mary, this will make huge waves if I spread it internationally, and the Church will want to have a say if I claim to have spoken to Mary.

"Trust me when I tell you this change is for the good of all.
Be courageous and you will be richly endowed with blessings and render an important service to humanity. I will help you in this. Put your head in my hands."

[I place my head (spiritually) in Mary's hands. A cone of light surrounds me. I feel energies flowing]

"Go ahead, child of God. Go the way of the soul. You will not regret it."

Thank you, Holy Mother.