Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

40th message from July 04, 2022

Jesus Christ "The Disintegration of the Church & the Death of the Pope"

Jesus appears as before with shoulder-length brown hair, dressed in a long white robe; altogether very plain. He emits a strong white light.

The apparition begins with the first vision.
A small group of men can be seen celebrating, jumping in the air with joy.
They are raising their arms in the air. They hold up a cross that shines very brightly. As if it were made of matter and light at the same time. The scene is comparable to athletes celebrating their triumph and holding up the trophy.
With arms outstretched, the men jump up with the cross in their hands as if they were holding a
trophy. As rays of sunlight hit the cross, it casts even brighter reflections of light.
Suddenly, without notice, they ram the cross into the ground the wrong way up.

Jesus now speaks, "Today's message is not a pleasant one. Prepare yourselves."  

Jesus asks to pause for a moment. [Note: Which is very out of character.]

Another vision begins.

The inside of a very long church appears before the inner eye, the aisle to the altar.
It is about the theme of betrayal in the church.
Jesus says, "Come! I'll show you something."
Again, Jesus leads the visionary into a tunnel of light.
They go through time and have gone relatively far back in time.
Jesus shows the scene of the Last Supper.
Afterwards, they are at a wedding where He has multiplied the wine. There are also roasted doves to be seen.
Here it is symbolically also about the holy covenant of marriage.
Jesus lays His hand on the forehead of the visionary and she now falls deeper into a trance.
Within a vision a part belonging to her is brought out of the seer, who in other times would have been called a witch. It is in this case however no negative occupation, but a kind review into past times.
She sees the "witch" being burned at the stake. This witch burning was by a higher-ranking member of the Catholic Church - perhaps a bishop. In this vision, this bishop appears as an elderly, hard and domineering man with gray hair and sharp facial features. He is holding a golden staff in his hand and with it he knocks on the ground and thus seals his judgment.

In a smooth transition, he becomes another bishop with glasses.
It seems to be a symbolic representation of the fact that the church, over the course of its existence
in this and in other ways, has done much damage that was decided from a human perspective.
Thus, many people have suffered and come to harm as a result of decisions made by the Catholic Church.
The visionary sees different persons and religious of the Church, in different time, standing in a church and holding up a Bible.
It is to be understood symbolically to be understood. They stretch their arms to heaven, they sway back and forth, as if they were searching the way, as if they were calling out to God to show them the right way.
However, a staggering in the movement reveals that they have departed from the original meaning, e.g., of the original texts. They seem to have twisted Jesus' words.
There were religious high up in the hierarchy who made decisions for their own benefit and not to exalt God, or to make clear what Jesus wanted or his disciples, but to stand in the right light, to shine themselves.

Such an office also demands a lot of inner modesty, a humility to be able to step back from one's own ego again and again, to reflect and to see this role that one occupies independent of one's own person, Jesus says.
He says that there have been representatives of the Church who have failed grandly at this.
Who, because of their own ego, their own interests, or even blindness, have failed grandly in passing on Jesus' true aspiration.
In this way, over the centuries, a kind of negative spiral has developed, which goes and confusion, in the hierarchies of the church and its system of values.
These aberrations have become more and more developed, so that somehow some moved away
from what Jesus actually wanted to say. In the internal structure and in the external representation, many mistakes were made. Jesus is very anxious to lead these people on the right way, who still keep it that way today, believing that what they do is right. Without malicious backgrounds. Some are more, some are less receptive to these suggestions.
This has been a very long development, a long history that has led to this point nowadays. So it has also led to a certain insincerity being felt by the population and the community and people are less attracted to it, because it's partly a departure from what the people themselves feel, what they themselves know about Jesus. As if the existence of the church is an end in itself. There is a discrepancy there, which leads to, that people turn away from the church.
Jesus explains that this is how His values have been lost, not passed on quite correctly.
What the church is based on today is doomed to failure in the end. It needs a Purification, He says.
This means that the system of the church will collapse. And this does not mean the
Church members who are pure of heart and work with clear intention in Jesus' name.
But there are also other "candidates". This is how the seer is told.
Jesus becomes clear: "There will be a complete collapse of the church."
This will, but does not mean that there will be no believers.
And ultimately it is a good thing because it is not based on truth as it is now.
It needs a major overhaul, which can only be accomplished by setting everything to zero.
But there will be those members of the church of pure heart who will not let themselves be deprived of continuing to preach, and with their help a kind of new church structure will be built later, with those who preach the truth but who do not pursue self-interest. This is important. Those are the ones, or
will be those who only strive to pass on Jesus' truth and to spread and live his words.
These priests and others, are in great danger, because they are a thorn in the eye of a very specific person.
The seer hears again and again that there will be persecutions of such priests, or even
of the people who stand up for Christianity. But Jesus urges her not to be deterred by this
since they have their home in Him. Some of them will die for their faith but will be caught by Jesus.
Those who feel addressed by this have a hunch that they might be meant.
Because they have felt this call within them for a long time, because they have known it inwardly for a long time that they will die for it at some point.

Just like the current Pope Francis, who will die for his faith first and foremost.
Jesus affirms that the Pope knows this and he is preparing for it.
He is at peace with the idea to give his life to Jesus. He will be immediately received by Jesus on the other side.
So there is malice brewing in the background that wants to silence the church.
This wickedness is also working to keep the church entangled in itself and to tempt the dignitaries into temptation.
Jesus: "Go in peace!".
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.