Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

41st message from July 05, 2022 

The Blessed Virgin Mary - "Pray and believe in the good"

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears.
The visionary first receives a personal message.
A vision begins.
The Blessed Virgin Mary is seen gathering a crowd of people behind Her.
She gathers Marian devotees, the faithful from all over the world. Small nests of believers develop, shining like strings of lights gathered together. All the faithful follow Her, trusting that She knows the direction and the way.
We must not lose faith. It is very important that we remain steadfast.
Mary will always show us the steps and never leave us. We should always keep this
God trust and activate it. And when we lose it, when we notice this, we should turn to Mary
turn to Mary so that she can refresh our trust in God again.
She knows that from our perspective it all looks difficult, impenetrable, confused and
unmanageable, but that from her point of view it looks quite simple and that the way is quite clear.
The visionary hears Mary say again and again, "Warnings!"
"Warnings! Warnings of storms, warnings of scarcities. Warnings of death.
Warning to starve, to die of thirst. My warnings go unheeded. Too few believe my
my words. But let me tell you - I speak the truth. I warn you of war, of the expansion of war. You are standing at the threshold before the expansion of war!"

An image appears before the inner eye. It shows a foot crossing a line on the ground.
"It's just one more small step across the line. The next step you take will cross the border. Beware!"
"Be warned, my children. Be warned to build each other up in hatred and agitation.
Be warned, be warned not to condemn your brothers and sisters all over the world and to consider them as separate from you. For are you not all one people?
Are you not all one family, one human family?

I will say it again. It can be averted. It is not necessary.
You do not have to go through this extreme experience. It is your choice.
Don't you understand that? It is the choice that you make. Even if it is the choice you leave to others who can supposedly decide your fate. Not choosing also means choosing.
Who started it? Who made the first mistake? Who provoked whom?
Do these questions really help you to make peace?
Is this helpful in making peace between countries?

I know it scares you and I know it is a special time. It's a difficult and dark time, but in God you can find your harbor. Cling to the Father, the Creator of all being. In Him you will find the peace you all seek. In Him you can find the love, the brotherhood that you miss so hardly. And once you have found it in Him, you can pass it on.
Find the love within you. Find your way back to your self-love, to the love of life, to the love of the Father, in the love for the next. And so it will be easy to be peace itself.
So it will be easy to speak peaceful words, to speak peaceful thoughts.
You underestimate your ability to create good. Recall your ability, your love, which flows out of you
that gushes out of you like an infinite spring. It is the Father's love that gushes out of you into the world.
Find your way back into connection. Find your way back into prayer.
Find your way back into prayer with several, which has such great power.
And if you can, find yourselves with a great crowd.
Gather together and shout it out! Shout the prayers into the air, into the sky, with confidence,
that the prayers will be answered. Shout it as loud as you can so that it is heard everywhere.
In this way your Father will hear it too. And whoever shouts so loudly cannot be overheard.
Not even in Heaven, as you call it. Be sure that every good prayer arrives at the right address.

That every supplication, every prayer counts that contains good wishes.
 Good wishes for health, peace, joy, but also peace for whole countries, every good prayer, every good thought counts.
Do not think that it will be lost. It has an effect! It is so important that you understand this.
It is like putting it into an account. So deposit! Pay in and pray.
Pray for good and assume that your prayer has already been granted. And so you can keep it in all things, in all things that you need, or that you think you need. Assume, that it has already been done, that it has already been acted upon. And so let me ease your hearts in prayer, if you turn to prayer with all your heart and open yourselves, open your soul, open your heart, I can relieve you of everything that you no longer need and you will feel as light as a feather. A feather that flies away in the wind, carried and safe on its way through the air.
And so I ask you - do not give up! Do not let go of believing in the good, do not let yourselves be
and do not let yourselves be lied to. The truth lies somewhere in between, so they say.
The Truth is between the lines. And so you can check it out for yourselves, so you can read the truth between the lines."
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.