Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

42nd message from July 20, 2022

Jesus Christ "The peace and the mere being"

After the personal messages, the visionary asks Jesus if He still has a public message.

She senses a heaviness in His heart.
Jesus says, "I am sorry for the dead of the war. I regret that you treat each other this way and that apparently large segments of the people seem to need this."
He questions the idea of establishing peace by supplying weapons and that this is seen by the people as the solution. For peace certainly cannot be established with weapons.
Jesus finds fault with the lack of peace consciousness.
He regrets the consequences that follow for us.
The terms wheat and gas fall, which He has already warned against several times.
He says: "For this the die is now cast....
... unless they are not, ...
Unless you still change your mind..."

Jesus comments today on various topics such as fears, accepting the state of life, and basic principles of life. At the end of the message, He inspires a meditation on peace.

In what follows, He first comments on fears and how to deal with them.
Jesus again reminds us to take precautions. He repeats that He will not tire of reminding us over and over again that it [note: outcome of the situation] depends on us.
He will warn us over and over again and help us prepare.
It is important now to listen to your intuition, to your gut feeling.
The seer senses a hint for the future that feels quite unpleasant.
It is another warning to mentally prepare for change.
He warns us that the process in which the darkness rears its head is not yet complete.
Jesus warns us that the dark is very resourceful in continually stirring up fears in an attempt to keep us on our toes; so that a sort of "panic mode" is maintained.
Jesus summarizes that it is the only thing that the darkness can do.
It is important not to forget this.
Because its frequency, its "dark power" is fear.
Jesus warns us not to believe everything that is spread in fears in the public.

He now offers a change of perspective.
Rather, He says, it is through this that we are urged to find our own inner peace, which is independent of what is happening around us. And this is a very important step, he says. It is part of the present situation.
Jesus elaborates that if we can do it, we should try to completely block it out - the fear and panic mongering, or what is scaring us right now, such as other virus variants or war scenarios.
There is a lot of fear in the field, in people's minds, and we are to try to separate ourselves from that fear, to let it stand. Just let it be there. Accept that many people are afraid. But not to let it penetrate to us. He urges us to work actively to maintain our own peace, to achieve inner peace. Everyone should use his or her own methods. And everyone should listen to himself, which is beneficial in order to remain in his own center.
At the moment it is very important not to let oneself be taken over by fear.

The darkness also works, for example, through self-doubt; it can attack us through our thoughts. Therefore, it is important to observe our own thoughts and when we notice that we have a lot of fear, that we are very self-critical, doubtful, disoriented, then we can assume that the dark has crept in. This is the time when we should and may turn to Jesus again, so that He may help us to come back into His peace and into His all-encompassing love and bliss.
Because in truth, there is nothing to be afraid of.
One can learn to put fears aside completely and to give no room to fears at all.
This is a kind of "master degree," that is, a challenging endeavor - but it is possible, He says.
We can learn to trust completely and surrender completely to God, to the Father.
To leave Him in charge, knowing that there is nothing He cannot take care of.
That there is nothing that He can beat us out of. Because most of it we beat out ourselves, Jesus said.

We can come back, to the state of trust that allows everything. To accept all feelings, all emotional states, all states of life. To accept the ACTUAL state, to accept life and to say YES to what IS. It is a true virtue to master this, he said.
It partly requires a great self-discipline, but this can also be achieved, Jesus explains to us

In the following, Jesus explains principles of life.
He explains how isolated and small, incapable and without efficacy, ineffectively thrown on this planet we partially feel as human beings. On earth, where we live our tiny lives on a huge blue planet among quite a few other tiny lives.
It may be the case for many that they ask themselves, "What am I doing here? Who am I anyway?
What am I doing here? And I, as a tiny person, what am I supposed to accomplish here?"
But - Jesus reminds us - this is not our true nature. This is the EGO.

In truth, we came here to experience our glory; to experience our own glow; to be able to feel, through action and experience, in our own bodies, how awesome we are.
This may be a little strange for some to assume that they are fantastic. But we are, Jesus says.
The truth is that it can also be seen as a celebration. A feast to live.
The joy of being able to be here. To have the honorable task of getting things done here and being of service to others.

Connected to each other like the trees under the ground, like the roots of the trees in the forest and the plants, all communicating with each other. And so we can imagine it figuratively for the people who are connected as if by an energy network. We are not separate from each other. If there is suffering in one part of the earth, then we are also suffering when we are on the other half of the globe.
In this way, we can exchange information without speaking. We are connected and informed about each other when we engage in this level. This subtle level of information that gives us concrete information, makes it accessible. We can sense what's going on with someone. Somehow a dull feeling comes over us, or maybe a good feeling. You can feel it. If you pay attention to these simple, gentle signs, you get a lot more than you might think. Because as humans, we are all transparent, so to speak, and we can all access all the information. On a subtle level.

So we also came here to connect with each other, through this human network.
To feel how strong we are when we join together. It's always about community. Together we are strong. We must not forget that, Jesus says.
It seems important to Him that we are aware that we are not little lone wolves on earth, braving ineffectually and incompetently through life, but that we are actually very brightly shining beings. People, souls, who experience themselves here and who find a special value in the community.
And so He wants to encourage us to create communities. Supporting groups, associations.

To join together and help each other, because that is very valuable, especially in times of crisis - to know that you are not alone. It can mean a lot of help to know that there is someone who understands you; that there is someone who is there. Even if it's just a kind word. We must not underestimate the value of community.
And that's how peace communities can be founded, for example. Peace communities that together "advertise" peace. That inform others about how to make peace; how to become peaceful themselves; how to speak peacefully to each other.
And of course, as is especially central in these times of war, to let a vision arise together in the minds again and again. That suddenly peace has arrived; that all tanks are at a standstill, all weapons are inactive, and that soldiers drop everything and just go home. That battlefields that were filled before are emptied from now on and the war is no more.
There is a famous saying, "Imagine it is war and no one goes!"
Jesus guides us to imagine it figuratively and emotionally.
How we will feel then, how beautiful it will be that the war has suddenly stopped. The stronger our vision, the better. We should start now to gather the people who want to participate, and that will certainly be many, because everyone is interested in the war stopping. There are only a few who benefit from the fact that there is war. The rest of the people wishes peace. They want security, they want to live peacefully, and that is very powerful when people join together. There are so many. There are many, many more than those who have an interest in keeping it that way or making it worse.
So a sacred atmosphere can be created.
Perhaps it is a vision of a giant dove of peace that fills this area.
Perhaps it is the Blessed Mother who is imagined there, making a "radical strike" and suddenly peace has come.
It is the vibration, the atmosphere of God that reigns there, that will reign there when peace is there, and from that the vision should be fed. It is a sense of stillness, of a stillness that is blissful.
It is the Divine Spark. It is the praise of life and holiness.
The feeling can hardly be described in words.

Spontaneously, a kind of peace meditation arises, guided and inspired by Jesus, fed by the feeling of absolute peace.
There is a stillness in the heart and it can suddenly be everywhere. It can envelop the whole continent, the whole globe in seconds. And if you want, who are reading this right now, go with me into that feeling.
Go with it into that feeling of Divine Peace, Divine Bliss.
It feels like the spark of creation that can bring everything into being. And even if you are alone now, imagine that you are connecting with everyone else who is also reading this, hearing this, feeling this, and then it is like this. You are the peace. You can be the Dove of Peace. You can be the Divine Spark that helps to create peace. Your heart knows what to do.
Thank you for joining in and helping us live on a peaceful planet.
Jesus says goodbye. The visionary thanks Him and says goodbye to Him.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen