Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


44th message from August 27, 2022

Archangel Gabriel and Jesus Christ
"Order behind the eye of the needle"
First, Archangel Gabriel appears and conveys a vision to the seer.

In the vision, a burning cross can be seen and a dark, evil figure that is also on fire.
However, fire is apparently the natural element of the dark figure, so the flames do not harm him.
After a short time of incomprehension, the meaning of the vision is revealed to the seer.
It is to convey the message that we as a society, as humanity, are in the phase in which the dark continues to rise up and attack those who have committed themselves to Christ, to Christ energy and Christ love.
Generally speaking, it is the phase in which the darkness attacks the positive and tries to wound, to weaken. This means the attacks as well as the rebellion of the dark "forces" are not over yet and we are called to continue to persevere.

After a break, a new vision began, which first depicted the personal development of the seer.
Perhaps one or the other will find himself in it; therefore, this section is partly published with.

The vision, which reflects rather the personal development of the medium, begins with a golden shimmering bull, which is shown in different phases of its life.
Among other things, he must cross a precipice on a wobbly suspension bridge.
Once he reaches the other side, he has to take a longer rest.
There Jesus meets him.
After a while Jesus walks a few steps with the bull, who from now on has 3 people sitting on his back.
He carries them effortlessly. After a few steps a new plain opens up, which can be reached by descending a small staircase. The level has a wide expanse and can hardly be overlooked.
A thick cloud of powerful pink and orange energy billows on the ground. The appearance resembles a star nebula; the energy clouds merge into each other.
It symbolizes a new kind of state of being. Almost like another dimension.
Jesus accompanies the bull all the time as they pass through the pink-orange plane together.
It feels very tedious because it is not apparent to the bull where the journey is going.
Only Jesus knows the way through the fog. He leads the bull into every corner, no matter how remote.
Again and again people join the group. After completely all persons had joined, who seem to belong to it, a new way opens.
This time it goes up a small staircase to the next level. In the meantime, a troop of bulls has gathered.
In the first place runs the seer bull and he reaches following with the others a kind of lock on the new level.
The "passage" consisted of pushing through a tiny hole. It is about the size of a keyhole. In the vision, it looks like a cartoon as the bull passes through the tiny little hole - an absurd-looking and almost comical scene.
A beefy bull squeezing through a keyhole. The group of bulls and men follows.
On the other side, Jesus is already waiting.

Again we find ourselves in a completely new environment.
Here, only Jesus Christ is to be seen. Huge, in white robe - and angry.
He stands there - like the statue in Rio de Janeiro - with outstretched arms.
He is just standing there and in the vision he is temporarily red - shining in alternation with white.
Whereby the red is to be interpreted as rage. The righteous anger of God.
When Jesus appears in full size, shining brightly, the people throw themselves on the ground before Him or fall on their knees. But there are also those who remain standing, unimpressed by the appearance.
Some of those who remained standing then fell down dead or were "removed" by Jesus.
Soon after, in the vision, fire is seen raining down from heaven. Around Jesus, flames are falling down from the sky to the earth.
It felt like a kind of "trial" in which order is ensured.

Following this, the earth is encompassed by a wave of light and the surface of the earth as well as the interior of the globe is penetrated by white light. It felt like the "end of the world." It feels extremely obscure and unusual.
However, it is not to be understood that after the end of this process all life will end, but that afterwards a new way of living will begin.
What exactly will happen afterwards is unfortunately not revealed in the vision.