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Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

45th message from September 01, 2022

The Blessed Virgin Mary "A time of hardships" - part 2

An apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary begins, and when asked, She confirms Her person to the visionary.
St. Mary says:
"Love surround you, my child. Love surrounds you. Love flows around you.
My love surrounds you, My love flows through you, My love is omnipresent.
My love for humanity, My love for the world, My love for the children of men.
I am the Queen of Peace, My child. Your divine Mother Mary. I am the Virgin Mary and I love you. [...]"

The first vision begins.
The Virgin Mary steps aside and behind Her appears a flock of sheep.
There are hundreds of sheep standing quietly together and grazing.
Suddenly a kind of lightning appears from the sky, it is a moment of fright.
An image of Jesus rises up from the earth and the sheep crowd around it, trying to get closer to him.
It's as if they can't get close enough to him. Then a huge visible Jesus walks across the earth. He is magnificent.
It is clear: This is the Lord! There is no longer any doubt about who holds the real power on earth.
But it is also a frightening moment for many, because some are frightened about themselves, to face themselves in His face. As if they were confronted with themselves at that moment. For some, it is truly painful because they suddenly feel impure and ashamed of themselves in His presence.
There are those who are prepared for this event. Those have been waiting for it. It is overwhelming for them too, but they entrust themselves to Jesus at this moment. Even with what they feel in themselves, where they have gone wrong, where they recognize their weaknesses. But they also know that Jesus takes it in.
That He has mercy. These people are really happy to meet Him in this way and they meet Him with an open heart.
This process, this public appearance lasts a few minutes and it is as if time stands still. Everyone puts down their work, stops, interrupts what they are doing and is completely absorbed by this event. Nothing else can be paid attention to.
Let those who have not prepared themselves be warned.
Some will be in for a nasty surprise because they did not believe the announcements and prophecies or did not know about them and are not mentally prepared for it.
They can be "caught cold" by this event. For these people it is almost a little dangerous.
They get so frightened in some cases that their hearts almost stop when they see their own mistakes.
They will cower, cower to the ground. They won't know where to put themselves.
They have two choices now. Either they face what has gone wrong in your life, in themselves, they open up to that and acknowledge that and bring up a kind of remorse and allow the "look in the mirror."
[Note: Unfortunately, in the process of the vision, the 2nd possibility went down a bit because it happened too fast. From memory it was something like "not looking into the mirror and perishing"].

Looking into the mirror will be caught lovingly.
It will not be that those who repent will be punished. It is not like that.
Mary explains that it is important to reflect from time to time, to consider in what one goes wrong.
You can ask yourself questions like:
What can I improve in my behavior, or in myself?
What are my weaknesses and strengths?
How does my behavior influence the lives of those around me?
How do I appear when I exhibit a certain behavior?
Rather - how does it affect others?

Self-reflection should happen regularly; questioning yourself; or perhaps looking at yourself with humor at times, not taking yourself so seriously. Because it's about how we affect the lives of those around us. When we understand that, we figure out how we can all live together peacefully. How we can all live together without fighting each other, without judging each other or causing each other pain - one way or another.
It's about living together, living together peacefully in community.
And also about the limits of oneself and the recognition of a higher power, the recognition of God, the respect for the one who created our lives.
It is also about rethinking beliefs, or correcting them at that point, which may be corrected with Jesus' appearance. Before that, we still have the possibility to correct it and to accept the existence of a God and to subordinate ourselves under the power of God, under the creative power, under God.

Mary explains: "There are tendencies among people who spread the misconception that man is the highest form of life and that he himself is divine or above it. There are misguided beliefs among people who place themselves above God; who do not appreciate the value of life as such, or who make life subject to themselves. These believe that they create life. They can control life, not only their own life, but also the life on the planet. This misconception is dangerous."
Our Lady warns: "Beware of such people. Beware of those who spread such delusions. You can recognize their megalomania in your heart as a lie. It is a small twinge in your heart, an irritation that lets you know that this is not the supreme truth, that this is not God's word. On the contrary, it is meant to denigrate God. Beware of such people."