Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


46th message from September 21, 2022

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"War is approaching!"

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears.
She wears a white dress and radiates a bright white light.
Mary radiates much love and gentleness, but also power.
The apparition is verified with holy water.

At the very beginning, She abruptly says: "The war is approaching!"
This is followed by inner images (visions) of tanks whose pipes aim in the direction of the visionary, but do not fire.
Furthermore, images of a large army appear from above. A war zone is visible.
The troops now start to move, among other things along the sea.
The image of a map appears and here a marching direction is shown in the form of arrows - arrows in the direction of the west.
This is to be understood as a warning from Mary that the Russian troops will or could move from Ukraine along the sea towards the west; that means, that the war could expand.
Our Lady invites all of us to send love energy in the direction of Ukraine and, if possible, to imagine together with many people a dove of peace over Ukraine.
She emphasizes that this vision is an urgent warning.
Nevertheless, she asks us to remain in trust in God and in connection with divine love and to turn away from fear.
She also asks us to say additional prayers in the prayer group on this day and the 10 following days, and to fast bread and water in addition [Note: the comprehensive prayer and fasting assignments can be found in the "News" section].
As another image, Mary herself had appeared with the newborn baby Jesus in her arms.
She had to flee with the baby into the desert and hide there.
In the village she had just left, they were already looking for her.
It feels as if She wanted to show a parallel to the war situation.