Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


47th message from September 27, 2022 

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"From Sorrow to Gold"

The Blessed Virgin Mary appears during confession in the 11-day period of intense prayer.
After the visionary made her own confession, Mary encouraged her to pour out her heart to Our Lady.
Our Lady then appeared before a climbing hedge of red roses.
Jesus then appeared hanging on the cross. He was bleeding and drops of blood fell from His body to the ground. Red roses then sprouted from the drops of blood in the ground.
Mary signified to the visionary that her pain would not be forgotten and that it was not suffered senselessly or in vain.

Then Mary pointed to Jesus, who suddenly appeared, radiantly bright, and He reached out His hand to the seer. He wordlessly made it clear to the seer that He knew her life. She reached out her hand to His hand and as soon as she was taken into His glory by the touch, everything was taken from her. Every pain, every suffering. He explained that suffering had a special value in His "dimension" and was respected by Him. Jesus held out the prospect that at a certain (unknown) time all the pain and suffering would be transformed. It would be as if washed away and ultimately transformed into "gold".

Now another vision of Mary begins. She is wearing a white dress and veil and holding a bouquet of red roses. She is standing on a hill in front of a precipice and the visionary is allowed to come to her side to look together with her. The two look at a wide field, which is overshadowed by darkness. On this field all hardships and worries, so to speak the whole world situation are summarized.
Quite abruptly, a huge star appears above the dark field. The shape of the star reminds a little of a morning star. It has a lot of spikes and a tail. The image is somewhat reminiscent of the star over Bethlehem.
Unnoticed by the darkness, the huge star radiates its penetrating brightness. However, hardly anyone takes notice of it.
Our Lady admonishes us: "The outcome of the world situation depends on you. You have events in your hands."

Mary reflects our human way of thinking such as "how can I influence?", "life happens that way."
In a kind of time-lapse, many faces of people are played back, as well as their gloomy, negative thoughts are revealed. e.g. "I can't change anything about the war." or "I won't deal with it any further, it's useless anyway." and so on.
Maria wants to make us understand that the decision for a thought is also accompanied by a decision for an action or no action. She explains that if one thinks, for example, "I have no influence on that, it is also a decision not to act, even if it is a simple action like saying a prayer.
According to Mary, there are many people who think this way and who are convinced that they cannot make an impact. She reminds us of the importance of thinking and that we can make a difference if we join forces with others.
Again, a vision starts. This time, a small light can be seen in the dark. It is alone and looks around disoriented. Now a whole chain of lights is added, in which the single little light can join. The image becomes brighter and more strings of lights are added. The result is a large ball of light made of strings of lights, which shines very brightly. It symbolizes the power and bundling of the mass.
Bundled forces can move all sorts of things - is what Our Lady wants to express here.
Our Lady emphasizes how important it is WHAT we think.
She says, "Every thought thought can act like a prayer."
She explains the connection that negative as well as positive thoughts are each accumulated, comparable to an account or piggy bank. Negative thoughts pay into the account for darkness, positive thoughts pay into the account for light.
It is a reminder of how important and powerful thoughts are. Thoughts have a power of their own.
Figuratively, it could be, for example, a delicate smoke that rises from our head when we think.

And this smoke has a power of its own. Either it gathers into other wisps of smoke or floats on alone, but the essential thing is that it persists.
Thoughts have their own energy and effect. Mary asks us to pay attention to which scale, which piggy bank we "pay into" with our thoughts.
Our Lady reminds us again: "The war can end overnight. It is not necessary that this war escalate and it is not necessary that the war continue."
As advice, Maria adds that people of all countries should unite. To build connection in other countries, to let big networks emerge in which we let love prevail. It is expressly about the heart connection between people, which should be promoted.
The image of a globe appears, around which chains of people have emerged, all holding a pink ribbon - love.
It is to be understood as an invitation to connect with others in love. In other cities, in other countries, but also in your own city. It is about bringing even more love into the world. Conflicts, wars, etc. can be outshone with the power of love. They can be eradicated with it, dissolved in love.
Inquiry of the visionary: "Mary, how should we do this exactly?"
Mary says you can start with yourself and shows a picture for this. A pink paper chain made of little hearts, as one makes them in kindergarten, Maria puts around the visionary. She advises us to start with ourselves. To look at ourselves with love, to treat ourselves lovingly, to be kind and understanding to ourselves and to feel free.
And when we have managed to look at ourselves with loving eyes, we can begin to talk about this love with others. And so it comes automatically that we speak loving words to others.
If we have difficulties with this development, we can ask Mary for help, She says.

However, Our Lady also gives another warning.
She now shows the visionary various images - of people sitting at home in the cold.
Of people for whom food has become scarce.
It is about the coming winter in Germany. The federal state of Bavaria is mentioned in particular.
She warns of a food shortage.
Our Lady's advice in this regard is to remain calm and prudent, but to prepare.
For cold and for a state of food shortage. She advises to make provisions for these conditions.
There is still some time to do so.
An image appears before the visionary's inner eye in reference to this emergency.
Mary predicts: "People will begin to pray in this distress. God will take care of those who turn to Him in distress. And they will not be disappointed."
Mary goes on to describe that God will send help, such as other people, like neighbors or friends for example, who will unexpectedly rush to help. Some people will notice after the fact that the help they asked for has come to them.
Also, Mary advises going to church in these times of need because the clergy will be glad that those seeking help are coming to them. They will be glad to be able to contribute by helping to find solutions. In the community one is caught up and finds help there. The images that come to mind are campfires, cooked soups, or baked bread that is shared. Communities are the key to this time. Mary advises against remaining alone at home in one's despair. If one does not feel a sense of belonging to the Church, one should try to seek out other communities or start some of one's own. It encourages us to be active and to look for solutions and other people.

Now a new vision begins. The vision contains a warning for northern Germany.
There is a large fire on the site of some kind of company by the sea or near it.
It is not quite clear to say. The visionary hears the word "shipping company."

The fact that there is a major fire on this site with a large fire department operation is a catastrophe not only for the operator, but also for the German population. Our Lady asks the population not to lose hope.
However, Mary holds out the prospect that the shipping company can be saved if the employees concerned immediately begin to pray the Rosary.
Mary issues another warning. he government already has plans for this event
A vision announces a major negative event that will severely shake Germany. Sirens are heard. Helicopters, firefighting helicopters and firefighters, as well as various emergency services, have rushed to help. Images of fire and rising fumes and vapors keep coming in. It is not clear where and what exactly it is, but it feels like it has to do with poisons or chemicals. For example, an accident with chemicals in a factory or pharmaceutical company is conceivable. Toxic vapors escape there, so that the population living in the vicinity must temporarily evacuate their homes.
This results in water contamination, e.g. in rivers, and poisoned fish.
This event will initiate a new "phase" in Germany.

The government already has plans for this event, which will take place under the name of a specific operation.
From then on, things will get turbulent and uncomfortable in Germany.

Certain political circles are at least aware of this "operation" and are racking their brains as to what it might be. They only know that there will be a major event because it has been announced internally.

"My children, this is your loving mother, your motherly advocate speaking. My children, my heart is heavy. Heavy because of the dark times, because of the great hardships. But do not despair, my children, for help is near. Ask and it will be given to you. Help is there when you need it!
I come to warn you. I come to tell you of times. Times when you know neither in nor out. Times when there is so much need that you will do nothing but pray and this will separate the wheat from the chaff.
And I do not mean this in a heartless or disinterested way. No. As your heavenly Mother, I come to show you the way to My Son. And as absurd as it may sound - in times of need even the most unbelieving people can re-establish contact with their original source, their Creator.
Please do not misunderstand my words. I feel everything that you feel. And I go through with you everything that you go through, but from a higher point of view. And so trust me when I tell you that all of this has a purpose. That all of this follows a divine plan, because communities will come into being. Believers will find their way back to God and they will find comfort and hope there. A comfort that they will not find in their world, in the material.
And it will be a different experience of comfort.
Comfort that is fed by the love of God.
Consolation that flows from the infinite source of love for you people. Comfort that will be so comprehensive, so overwhelming and so engaging that you will never again doubt that God exists.
And so healing shall also come to you. Healing of diseases, healing of infirmities, healing of physical and mental illnesses. Everything is possible to the love of God. And so you will be enveloped by His love. And so you are carried away by His presence. In the peace that you can find only in God. A peace that will mean everything to you. Everything and much more. A peace that can, will, go beyond your human measure of peace. Look forward to the hour when this peace will reach you, my children, because that hour is near.
And that hour draws nearer as you reach out to God, your Creator, and let Him take the helm. He can do everything. He has solutions for everything. From Him come all solutions, from Him come all blessings, from Him springs all creation.
And so do not despair, for the valley through which you will walk will be repaid to you a thousandfold.
There will come out of it gold. There will be a peace and a love and a glory that will overwhelm you all.
And so, look forward to the Day of the Lord, which is drawing nearer and nearer. Look forward to His return.
You will hear the angels singing, you will listen to the heavenly trumpets. You will shout for joy and all sorrow and distress and pain will be gone. They will be dissolved in the blink of an eye and you will be full of the bliss of the Lord.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."