Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


48th message from October 01, 2022

The Blessed Virgin Mary "War is averted"

Already on the 5th day of the 11-day intensive prayer time (25.09.22), Mary asked to perform a common peace meditation.
Following this, Mary showed the visionary the image of a soldier on the battlefield (probably meaning Ukraine), holding a rifle at the ready.
Our Lady suddenly appeared in the background. She just stood there and remained silent.
It was as if he could perceive Her. He was frightened and left the battlefield without having achieved anything.

A few days later, at the end of the special prayer time, Our Lady appeared again.
At the beginning of the apparition, Mary transmits the image of a park. Behind the park, an explosion suddenly occurs. Red and orange fires blaze up. Radiation emanates from the explosion, because it was in a nuclear power plant. A bomb flew into a power plant. The background to this is unknown.
Mary stands in front of the seer and looks at her worriedly. It is a threat that can be averted through prayer. When asked, "Must this happen, Mary?" she replies, "Pray, pray, pray."

She now comments on a new mission for the prayer group.
From 02.10. - 11.10.22 the group may rest and pause the prayers.
After the break, the rosary of the day is to be prayed daily.
Each of the participants may light a candle during this time. At the beginning of the prayers, she asks to connect with her from the heart.

She says: "Thank you for your service, for your obedience, thank you for your trust. I will not fail you."
In addition, Mary explains that soon the mission of the prayer group will be fulfilled, to pray for peace.
She says, "War will be averted."
By being grateful for peace in advance, people can additionally support positive development.
This also applies to the prayer group, she says.

Mary asks the visionary to hurry up with the publications.
The visionary inquires about the movement of troops of the Russian army announced on 21.09.22. Mary answers to it, this development is still open. The prayer responsibility is now shared with other groups and all prayers are "collected for peace." She asks us to have confidence and assures us that she will not abandon us. Again, she thanks the group for the prayer commitment.
All people can support the positive development by continuing to visualize peace.

Finally, a last vision starts.
A soldier can be seen holding a rifle at the ready. But instead of ammunition, he has filled it with flowers. He shoots the flowers at other soldiers and once they are hit, they are filled with love.
They also fill their rifles with flowers and shoot them at other soldiers. This is how it goes on and on.
Our Lady shows up on the ground in the war zone to express that She is there and is working.
Again She asks to have faith in the positive outcome.
"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed children of mercy. Go in peace."