Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

49th message from October 05, 2022 

Jesus Christ “At the Last Second”

At the beginning, Jesus confirms the authenticity of His appearance.
"You feel, I am Jesus Christ. I am Jesus Christ. I am your Lord Jesus Christ."
He stands before the visionary and says, "If you want to feel My peace, give Me your hand."
She gives Him her hand, He pulls her out of her body and invites her to follow Him, "Come!".
A vision begins.

At first, in front of the inner eye, a ship with white sails and a high mast appears on a long coastline. The ship surges on the waves of the sea. Shortly after, a whole fleet of ships appears in the background. With a seagull, the seer climbs further up and now looks from far above at a large bay on a coast. A dark large spot similar to a building complex, which is difficult to interpret, can also be seen there on land. Hundreds of ships are anchored in the bay. It looks as if a battle is about to begin, a scene of war. The presence of the fleet of ships is to be understood as a threatening gesture.
Again and again the seer hears the word "Odessa".
Suddenly, the water begins to tremble and ripple, and it is as if something enormous were rising from the sea like a mountain.
It is a giant Jesus.
He stands in the middle of the sea at the coastline and shines in bright, white light.
He outshines the events there on the coast.

Jesus gives the seer to understand that He will put an end to the warfare.
But His intervention is still some way in the future, i.e. it will still take a while.
Until then, the warfare will continue to develop.
However, Jesus makes it clear that He will intervene before it fully escalates.
He says He will put everyone in their place and point out their "game" and their own abysses into which they have slipped.
"Speak the truth, My child. Speak what I show you. Trust your perception."
After the transmission of a personal message, He takes leave.