Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

50th message from October 12, 2022  

The Blessed Virgin Mary -"Trust & Warmth of Heart"

On the 1st day after the prayer break, Our Lady appears again to the visionary.
She began to transmit images to the visionary.
The first image was a kind of shooting shell.
Our Lady wants to give another warning with this. She is indicating that the danger is not yet completely over; colloquially speaking, we are "not yet out of the woods."

"More prayers are needed," Mary admonishes.
All people have flaws and bumps.
We humans cannot behave properly in every situation. That is what Her Son sacrificed himself for.
She says, "Peace begins within. Peace begins with each individual."
Mary stands before the visionary and a huge heart fills Her chest.
It is pinkish-red and golden, billowing rays emanate from it.

Addressing the prayer group, She declares, "The prayer order is to continue for another 5 weeks."
Fasting and chastity on fast days are to continue.
Fasting bread and water is best, she says, as it has the strongest effect. Light food rather exceptionally.
The more we fast voluntarily, the better. In this way we support peace, she says.
She asks to remain in trust. If we pray, worse can be averted, she says.
We should be prepared that it will take some time before there is divine intervention.
It may be months.
She will continue to accompany and instruct us.

The most important thing is that we trust in God. In that He will have mercy and provide for us.
But she also warns that now an unpleasant time is coming (in Germany).
She emphasizes that it is very important to keep the warmth of our hearts.
It has already been announced by her that emotional coldness will spread and Mary warns not to be infected by it. It will be similar to an epidemic; one does not necessarily notice the infection and it spreads unnoticed.
Images of people appear whose eyes change. They now look dulled.
You can think of it as an image like an enchantment. Our Lady emphasizes the importance of always turning to love, of surrounding oneself with love. To look again and again into one's own heart and let love actively flare up there.
Perhaps by being grateful or thinking of partners, children or beautiful experiences. But it is also possible to build up the connection to God and to ask to be enveloped by the love from the divine source; like a pink protective shield. This will shield us from everything with love.

She says if there are still misunderstandings, discords, quarrels may we lovingly close with them for ourselves. (For example, in the case of the deceased, with whom one can no longer speak, or when there is no longer contact with certain people).
In this case, one can thank each other for the time and whatever one can be grateful for.
By forgiving and moving on, one can protect oneself from allowing poisonous thoughts to arise.
We can foster love with each other by listening, offering help, being there for each other. Strengthen connections of existing love and closeness.
It is very important to strengthen these connections in love, to let them blossom and focus.
The togetherness is to be strengthened. Mary gives this as a voluntary homework, so to speak.
One should forgive one's own mistakes and the mistakes of others, if possible, in the awareness that everyone has done his best.

"I am the Mother of God, my child. I am the Virgin Mary. I am the Mother of God. Trust My words and pass them on.
I thank you, my child.
Pass on My words.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."