Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


51st message from October 16, 2022

Jesus Christ- "Bald eagle in a swoop"

"I am your Lord, my child. I am your Lord. I am Jesus Christ.
Do you trust Me? - Yes. - Good. Do you believe My words? - Yes, of course. -
Then I have something to show you. Follow Me." This is how today's Jesus apparition begins.

Behind Jesus, a tunnel of swirling bright colors opens up, as has often been the case.
Jesus radiates something warning.
Already standing in the tunnel, He reaches His hand to the visionary and she grasps it.
Together they move through the tunnel. He has put His arm over her shoulder.
Upon arrival, it is as if they are stepping out of an airplane; down a small staircase.
They are in a hangar, a large hangar for airplanes. However, they are not normal passenger planes but military planes of the Air Force.
Jesus walks together with the visionary past the airplanes over an American military base.
Over a wide path they pass a barracks with many small buildings.
An oversized tank drives past them. The tank looks strange; colorful wafting threads of light surround it.
Like you sometimes see in movies with "enchanted" objects.
Then an oversized cheetah appears, running very fast.
The combination of these two images results in the association of the "Gepard tank" of the German Bundeswehr.
Hereupon Jesus says: "Germany is being used. It is being led like a lamb to the slaughter."
"Come along," He then says.
Jesus walks on with the visionary and they turn down another street.
From where they stop next, the horizon can be seen. It is an evening sky at dusk and it is full of planes.
A thunderstorm is coming and lightning is flashing. "A storm is coming," Jesus announces.
From higher up in the clouds, a large bald eagle now bursts forth and attacks some of the military planes flying there.
It appears like a war and it becomes clear that the images refer to the Ukraine-Russia war.
The bald eagle stretches its body and targets the planes with its feet stretched forward.
In this context, it can be assumed that the eagle symbolizes the USA.

However, the attacked planes are not Russian, but the allies of the USA.
The damaged planes must now be repaired while the eagle disappears again.
There is now less air force traffic in the sky.
The bald eagle returns home, which is shown here like a castle. He hops into the castle and is safe there.
He is well. At the gates of the castle, there is an uproar, similar to a demonstration with signs and placards.
The American bird of prey skillfully ignores the riot.
He knows they are there and very angry, but in truth he does not care.

Then the vision changes. President Joe Biden appears. It causes a queasy, creepy feeling. His aura is terrifying. He appears malevolent. The seer receives more information about the American president within the vision.
It feels as if he is devious. As if he is not acting in the spirit of world peace, nor in the spirit of strengthening cooperation.
He turns around and leaves, leaving behind a pile of rubble. He does not care at all.
He has only his own state interests in mind.
It feels like he is inciting war.

Now Jesus is back. He radiates infinite love.
Again He puts His arm over the shoulder of the seer.
Now they stand together at a precipice. It goes deeply downhill there. They take a step back and turn around. Here a large plateau stretches out, an airplane landing field. An airplane is landing there.
The airplane reminds of the strange looking tank - as if "enchanted". Around it, too, billows of light in bright colors.
Together with the visionary Jesus stands at this airplane. It seems to be a fighter jet that can shoot guided missiles. These missiles move unpredictably in the air, in curves.
The appearance of the missiles is unusual. They have an elongated black part in the back and in the front they resemble a laser pointer. At the very front, at the tip, they glow in pink color. Again and again the seer sees a rocket coming towards her.
Then the image of a map of Europe appears. Germany and Austria light up in red.
Jesus says that Germany will be the victim of attacks by the USA.
But it will not be overt attacks. It may be that the incidents will seem like accidents at first.
Jesus points out that it seems that the USA are the allies of Germany.
In truth, however, they seek to harm Germany, He says.
The map appears again, with the bald eagle circling above it. In flight, it pauses and in a dive, it swoops down on the map as if attacking places. This is repeated several times.
After attacking, the eagle hides in nearby rocks and points its wing away from itself at other animals.
Like a bear (symbolic of Russia), which looks quite puzzled with dilated eyes and does not understand why it is accused. The false hostility makes the bear angry.

A new vision begins. A cow with a thick bell around its neck can be seen. It stands symbolically for Switzerland or for the finances of Switzerland. The cow is also attacked. It tips over to the side and falls.

Jesus and the visionary return to the visionary's living room.
There He shows her more pictures. She sees a storm coming.
Jesus says, "A storm is coming. A storm to brave."
He advises to literally hold on tight, to take your belongings to safety, possibly to take yourself to safety, and to wait until the storm has passed.
"The storm will be short and fierce."
Tornadoes also appear in the image. When the storm has passed, it is only when all the destruction is revealed. But this also includes the opportunity to build and create something new.
In rebuilding, Jesus will help us all, but He also wants us to be careful and take precautions.

It is a matter of basic provision. In fact, comparable to a storm.
Preparing for it as if you can't leave the house. Having supplies of food and drinks at home, blankets, sources of heat and light, and candles.
Also, a way to cook if the stove doesn't work.
He asks us to help each other, to help out others in need when the time comes.

He thanks us. Again, the love that emanates from Him is felt.
He asks the visionary to warn her brothers and sisters. May she reach as many people as possible.
It is important that many are warned.
Again He mentions the warning of Northern Germany.

He then makes the sign of the cross over the seer and takes His leave.
"In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Go in peace."