Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

52nd message from November 02, 2022 

Jesus Christ- "Tank by the sea“

"I am Jesus Christ, my child. I am Jesus Christ. I am your Lord, Jesus Christ."
With these words the apparition begins.
"I want to show you something." He says.
"My child, trust your perception. I want to show you something. Come with me."

Jesus stands in a kind of archway of stone and asks the seer to step through.
He lets her go ahead and then follows her.
Images appear before the seer's inner eye.
There is a coastline by the sea and a very long beach. One can see very far into the distance.
Tanks appear, moving along the sea. A large bird flies over the sea.
As in the previous vision (of 16.10.2022), it is again a bald eagle, symbolically representing the USA.
The bald eagle pushes its feet forward and goes into a dive.

The image changes.

An airplane crosses the sky and drops small packets over the area, gliding down on small umbrellas.
Then the image changes again to the bald eagle, which is in a dive; as if it were attacking.
The combination of the pictures coast - tank - eagle is to be understood in such a way that the troops will move on along the sea (as already announced in an earlier vision (30.07.22)), thus the war will expand along the sea and the USA will "interfere" in this.
Again, the image of tanks on the water appears.
Many tanks are driving in a row and they have their pipes extended upwards.

Shortly after, an unknown senior military official appears in the vision.
He wears many colorful medals on his chest, decorating his dark green uniform.
This unknown gentleman communicates nonverbally with the visionary and is obviously trying to communicate something. With his arm outstretched, he points to the sky, where fighter jets appear.
A whole formation of fighter jets covers the blue sky.
A disturbing, depressing image.
Bombs fly, people scream, cities burn.

The senior military official makes a very determined impression. He belongs to the Russian military.
With his finger on his lips he hints at a secret, i.e. he or within the Russian military something secret is being planned.

Then a soldier comes out of the background and rolls something into the foreground.
This particular weapon or bomb is relatively large (comparable to, say, a large dog rolled up), round, and must be transported on a rolling base. In the following, a rocket flies into the distance.

It flies very far. Where it lands is not visible.

The picture changes. President Vladimir Putin can be seen. He looks dismayed. Putin is taking strategic military advice and weighing his decision. A group of high-ranking military officers stand around him, who in turn also wear colorful medals on their chests. The president sits at a desk on a chair with a padded high back with elaborate fabric designs. The group stands in a pompous-looking room with elaborate wall decorations.

On the whole, the Russian president appears very calculating and deliberate in this vision.
Cold, analytical and with a razor-sharp mind.

Putin signs a document, which can also be understood symbolically. In any case, it is about the use of certain weapons and a long-term planned war strategy that includes all eventualities. To paraphrase: "In case x, we respond with x, in case y occurs, we use xy."

Once again, the image returns to the tanks by the sea.

It becomes apparent that they have left a field of devastation in their path.

Again the large plane from the beginning of the vision appears. It is a military plane with a large cargo hold.

Once again, the image of small packages falling down appears. They could be relief supplies (e.g. food or medicine).

The vision changes again.
Now a huge container ship appears, which is fully loaded with colorful containers.
The containers, for their part, are also filled. The ship is on the sea for several days.
The path of the ship is partly marked on a map, but only on German territory.
First it heads for a port in the west of northern Germany, then it continues east.

The ship arrives at the port of Hamburg. There will be someone setting a fire there.
The image of the huge container port in Hamburg comes up.
"Warn them!" says Jesus. "Warn them about the huge fire. Warn them quickly.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."