Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

53rd message from November 05, 2022

The Blessed Virgin Mary - "Armor of light for the winter"

The Holy Mother of God appears. She shows a mild smile, but has a warning radiance.

The first vision begins with a starry sky.

A shooting star flies quickly through the image. A large bonfire can be seen on the ground.
With folded hands, Mary stands before the visionary as if to ask her for something - like a friend asking another for a favor that is important.

Mary asks the visionary to give a warning. People on the northern coast of Germany are to be warned urgently. It is important that they be warned, Our Lady emphasizes.

She says it can be averted. There is still some time, she says. The visionary receives more detailed instructions on this.

"There is something else," Our Lady explains.

It is about the coming winter, She says. "Price shocks. Food. Food shortages."

Our Lady tells us that we (the German people) should prepare for food shortages, for rising prices, and for less mobility.
To being more constricted, or to less freedoms.
She also announces dictatorship-like circumstances and that there will be a political upheaval.
The image of politicians with grimaces instead of faces appears before the inner eye.
This indicates that the political leaders will yet reveal their true face.

Mary predicts: "They will humiliate the people. They will make it look as if you should trust them. As if you could entrust yourselves to them. They will make it look like they have the best in mind for you. And will shamelessly abuse that trust. They will use it against you."

It is announced that measures will be taken, rules established, freedoms restricted.
They will increase surveillance, as if every single step should be monitored and controlled.
The "noose" will "tighten" figuratively.
For the seer, it feels as if the people are being deprived of the air to breathe.

Our Lady wants us to know: Now it is necessary to arm ourselves and to prepare ourselves mentally and morally for the fact that publicly dictatorial forms of society will take hold.

Our Lady explains that this is part of the "purification process.“
It won't last very long, She says, but it will be intense.
There will be a lot of lying. You can expect that "there will be lies that bend the beam."

She suggests forgiving those in charge in advance that they will engage in this behavior.
If you look at it from a heavenly perspective, they take on these evil appearing roles for people.
Out of love, they take on the roles. Even though it may be difficult to see from the human perspective.

This behavior serves to raise awareness and awaken the people, she explains.

In this case, it can be helpful to think it through the other way around.

Imagine if politicians did not exhibit this behavior. Could the truth be uncovered? Would the population begin to think about it deeply and come to terms with it?

Probably not. From this perspective, it might be more understandable.

So we as a population may forgive them in advance for taking on this role and for the actual, real behavior that will bring out a true malignancy. However, as mentioned earlier, it will only last for a limited time.

Mary emphasizes how important it is to prepare and strengthen oneself, yes, to arm oneself.
The feeling that is conveyed here is comparable to preparing for a fight.
For example, when one prepares for an important competition, there is a plan. Y
ou eat well, train your body well, talk yourself up.

Symbolically speaking, it is like putting on your knight's armor.
This serves as a comparison of preparation for the coming time.

Mary recommends becoming even more rooted in the faith. She recommends connecting even more strongly with God and Jesus. For example, by going to church more often, receiving the Eucharist more often, and praying more.
Like putting on an armor of divine light, if you will.

This would function like a buffer, she explains. 

As if we were wearing a thicker layer of light that would cushion or even keep out coming "attacks."
It would even reflect back and reflect the attack back at the attacker.

Those who can strive for an even stronger connection to the Divine and immerse themselves even more in trusting God will be able to experience a certain lightness and carefreeness.
They will know that everything has a purpose and everything is right as it is.
That God knows what He is doing.
They will know about their own security through God.

"I am in an infinite security when I anchor myself in God." This is what Mary wants to put on our hearts.

Our Lady rejoices in Mary's devotees, Her "fans" throughout the world, who have increased their light; who have become even more luminous, even more radiant.

She says how important it is that more and more people unite, more and more come together.

Like a chain of lights, sending out positive thoughts and words, prayers of hope, love and mercy.
She says this contribution is immensely important and She thanks those who do this work.

To those who make such an important contribution by sending out such positive waves.
Speaking positive words, wishes, prayers and thus contributing to the collective, improving it and helping it. This is very helpful and She thanks all those who do this.
Mary assures Her blessings to those who give Her their hearts.

"Please pass on my words, my child, to your brothers and sisters who are thirsty for news. Thirst for hopeful news, but also important predictions and warnings that will affect their lives.
Prepare yourself, my child. Prepare yourself for the storm that is coming."

[here follows another personal warning for the seer].

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.