Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

55th message from November 17, 2022 

The Blessed Virgin Mary "Matthew 8"

 Our Lady appears before an illuminated cloudy sky.

A strong white light emanates from the entire image.
A worshipful and at the same time respectful sight.
A little lamb emerges from the clouds, while the Blessed Mother disappears.
The little lamb is also bathed in glistening white light.
It radiates very strongly and infinite purity emanates from it.
It remains like this for some time.
Then the image changes.
Now a flagpole leans against the body of the little lamb.
The flag on it has a white background with a red symbol on it.
The little lamb pushes a black book with golden pages to the visionary and says: "Matthew 8".

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