Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

56th message from November 24, 2022 

The Blessed Virgin Mary
"Russia's Decision & Liquefied Gas Tankers"  


The Blessed Virgin Mary appears holding a scepter in one hand and a golden orb in the other. She wears an embroidered white dress and a golden crown on her head.

She transmits a vision to the visionary.
In the first image she transmits, there is a tank by the sea. This image is repeated several times.
This is followed by the image of a fighter jet. It flies over the tank and drops bombs. This image is also repeated several times.

Once again, the Mother of God appears with the scepter in her hand, but now she is holding the baby Jesus on her other arm. This is also repeated.
The feelings accompanying the vision are very intense. There is a great seriousness in the air. Mary also has a very serious aura.
"Pray," She says.
A large white, very luminous cross of light floats towards the visionary again and again until just before her, and then it jumps back to the starting point, and then slowly floats towards the visionary again.

Then the scene changes. The image of the Russian president Putin appears.
This situation takes place in the future.  He is arranging something on his desk.
His brow is furrowed and he seems to be thinking about what to do next.
He faces a major threat and has a moment of uncertainty.
He looks worried.

Putin is looking out the window and it is as if he can see all the way to a country where a nuclear bomb has gone off. This is to be understood symbolically.
The image reflects the issue at stake.
He is also threatened with this bomb. This he follows anxiously and it is not what he is aiming at. It is a point where the noose "tightens" for him.
He has to decide whether to launch a nuclear attack or whether to defend himself in this way. He feels backed into a corner.

It is clear that he distrusts America.
Now it is as if Putin could see from his window to America, across "the big pond". However, he has no intention of attacking with nuclear weapons. It is an option he denies. Even if he has strategic considerations and sees this possibility, it seems that he has decided not to do so.
It seems to be a moment in the future where it is about to escalate. In this vision, America had clearly threatened to use nuclear weapons shortly before, and Russia is now weighing its course of action.

The image switches to American President Biden, who within this vision at this point in the future is embraced by madness, which drives his decisions.
He is pursuing a specific goal that is neither affirmative nor beneficial to humanity, nor to life itself.
The perspective of vision now changes and it is as if President Biden could see from Washington all the way to Russia. From Biden goes a blame-shifting accusation toward Russia, as if he is pointing the finger at Putin. It is a very one-sided view that does not take in the big picture. It's more of a black-and-white view that is exclusively oriented toward America's interests.
The perspective of the adversary is left out.

It seems as if the rest of the world has to follow America's lead.
Again and again, the image of a giant bomb appears.

Now a huge, slightly transparent Jesus emerges from the clouds. Jesus holds a staff in His hand and it is as if He stops bombs that are in flight and drops them to the ground. It is a moment in which time seems to stop.
He emerges from the clouds and everyone can perceive Him. He is huge and dazzlingly bright. Jesus personally intervenes in the war.
He radiates a great peace, a lot of goodness and love. Across all countries He moves like this across the globe. With bare feet and white robe, He is seen walking while holding His shepherd's staff in His hand. It is as if a kind of explosion of light emanates from Him - for lack of another word - "explosion of consciousness.

As if a sudden "leap of consciousness" overtook people, like a kind of enlightenment. Through this event they are reminded of themselves.
They ask themselves "what am I doing here anyway? Who am I really?".
But they are also reminded of the connectedness and heart connection to others, of love itself, of love between people and togetherness.
This particular moment seems to lift the consciousness of all people toward the level of Christ consciousness. People are remembering who they really are and what they really want here on earth. They are changing in the direction of love.
It is an imposing and overwhelming picture.

Now warships can be seen on the sea near the land.
At the moment of the explosion of light, the ships break up. Possibly this is to be understood symbolically. The mission of the warships is finished and they stop fighting each other.
It is a moment when the world stands still. In which one pauses and inwardly rights oneself again.

Jesus is now standing at a gallery on a staircase without a railing.
He takes a few steps down the stairs and reaches out to the visionary, who is below Him. Jesus pulls her up to Him. They look down together through the cloud cover to the earth. From this perspective, everything looks very peaceful.
It is a view from very, very high above, allowing a view of the continents and the oceans of the world as clouds pass through the picture. Rays of sunlight flash through the cloud cover.
The seer now takes a step forward and glides down to earth. While it seemed very peaceful from higher up, what is happening from earth is very confusing and can only be judged to a limited extent. The view literally only goes as far as "the next corner".  The view from above is not possible without further ado. However, only the view from the higher perspective opens the idyll and also the certainty that everything is in the best order. So to speak the perfect divine order.
Thus, the insight is conveyed that from a human perspective we have only an extremely limited view, while the true overview and knowledge of the order only Jesus and God have. The Order of Things.
It indirectly asks us humans to trust in Jesus and know that there is no need to worry.

Again, the picture changes to a spreading, ever-growing fire. Exploding oil drums. A helicopter flies above the fire in the air, a siren sounds.
The fire seems to be quite unnoticed at first, allowing it to spread, followed by an explosion. The emergency services then arrive, but by this time it is too late. There is a massive explosion.

The vision here is not entirely clear, but it is either an LNG (liquefied natural gas) tanker or a corresponding terminal. Again and again an exploding and burning ship appears before the inner eye.

Our Lady now points out that it is only a danger.
The operators are to be warned. This event would take place in 2023 and Mary asks to pray the rosary. She asks to pray for the averting of this event. "Pray for the good outcome," She says. "Pray for the averting. Pray for peace between countries. Pray for the averting of attacks. Increase your efforts. Please a rosary daily." Prayer may take place outside of digital or telephone meetings, at the same time in spiritual connection, he said. "Better, however, would be two rosaries, if I may ask it of you." For this, the small prayers could be omitted.
She asks that the rosary be prayed because it is the strongest. However, she thanks everyone for every prayer that is said. Every prayer is important, she says, but here we need a special power and it comes from the rosary. She asks that the rosary to the Sorrowful Blood be prayed.
This should be prayed for three months in the prayer group. She thanks all the members, including all the new members. She is pleased that the group is growing and holds out the prospect that more will join as time goes on.

Again, Mary refers to the fact that a difficult time will soon dawn, but also asks to remain calm. She warns against playing out disaster scenarios in one's mind or indulging in wandering negative thoughts. She cautions that warnings are for specific areas and that rarely or never is everyone affected the same way. But it's still important for everyone to be warned, she advises.
There should be people who are informed about this, Maria advises.
The point is that some should be armed by being informed and not being so easily hit by events. This way, they can better stand by others.
"Those who are strong in faith will not be dropped. If they believe strongly, they will be taken care of. Even if there are times of shortage, there will be ways for Jesus to provide for His sheep." It urges all of us to keep our fears in check and not let ourselves fall into them there.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.