Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

57th message from November 30, 2022 

Jesus Christ "A grain of sand on the beach of time"


Jesus Christ, the Son of God appears.
The apparition is very tall, has shoulder-length dark hair and wears a white robe.
When prompted, He presents the seer with His wounds on each hand, which consists of a large bloody hole in the palm of each hand, which is also surrounded by blood.
"Are you ready? Come with me." says He. "You had some questions and I want to answer them. Are you coming?"
Again, a stone wall with an archway passageway appears in the background.
Together, Jesus and the seeress pass through the stone archway.
Images, scenes, and colors fly past them; as if the story were once again playing out in fast motion.
"I will guide you. Trust me."

Arriving on the other side, God waits in the form of a glistening great light.
A strong love emanates from it.
"You are embraced, my child." This means embraced by love and secure.
"In so many times before and in so many times to come."
At that moment, it feels like there is no time.
As if life is a never-ending journey that takes place in a second.
As if it were a single grain of sand on the beach of time.

God explains to the seer that life can also be viewed like a game - something less serious. Our life is a slice of our infinite existence and God reminds the seer that she is infinite.
So do all other people who have forgotten this fact in the "game of life".
Our existence is always based on voluntariness and there is no compulsion.
The return home is possible at any time. That which is called death here on earth.
In truth, however, it is a homecoming.

The love that emanates from God is beautiful.
There is no sorrow, no struggling, no conflict in it.
It is exclusively a pure and peaceful being.
It is harmony and love, perfect and meaningful.
Everything has its optimal time in God, everything comes at the right time.
In the divine perspective, there are no mistakes, no "wrong."
There is simply this wonderful experience of living.
God conveys to the seer, this pure joy of existence and lets her feel it.
In the feeling of this pure joy, there are no more unanswered questions.
Suddenly, life is very clear.

Now the seer is further accompanied to a kind of castle in the clouds, where she has a personal conversation. [...]