Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

58th message from December 14, 2022 

The Blessed Virgin Mary "Spiritual Quake”

Crowned with a large golden crown, the Blessed Virgin Mary appears holding a scepter in one hand and the infant Jesus on the other arm.
She is dressed in a white long dress, with a turquoise belt playing around Her hips

"I want to give a warning," she says.
Mary radiates something cautionary. She exhorts us to keep the glory of God, to pay attention to it. She warns that there are many sheep who have gone astray or who threaten to go astray.

"They allow themselves to be blinded. They no longer know what is right and wrong. They no longer know what is truth and lies. They fall for lies that are spoken in public. It is the wolves who are behind them. It is the wolf, the beast, that brings the lie into the public; that brings temptation into people's minds."

Mary admonishes us humans and reminds us that the truth is only Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ is the truth and only those who are oriented and committed to Jesus Christ and who believe His Word have true orientation.  

For He is the truth and the life.

And all others who claim this are lying, Mary warns.
"They want to put themselves in His place, they want to be at the top, but they are not due this position. And yet, in their delusions of grandeur, they want to occupy that position.
There are people who will fall for it.
Those who do not understand that only Jesus is the truth and only He can have the leading position at the top.
The lie will go around. The lie will be widespread and it will be presented as if the lie is the truth."

We are to be prepared that very soon a "false game will be played with us."

Within the vision comes the feeling of an earthquake, however, it is not the announcement of a physical earthquake, but the warning of a spiritual quake, a "being shaken through."
Soon a time will dawn in which we will be very "shaken through," in which we may falter. Our Lady admonishes us and invites us to unite ourselves once again more and more with Jesus Christ and with the Father, the Lord our God.
He alone is the truth and the life and to use this shining star in the firmament, this beacon of life, which only belongs to God and springs from Him, as orientation is now our task.
As well as to strengthen ourselves in faith, to strengthen our connection to Jesus, to go to church, to receive the Eucharist and to confess.
Because the purer we make ourselves inwardly, the less susceptible we are to the lies, she explains.
That is, we are asked to establish an inner purity of soul, again and again. To turn to Jesus and give him our sins; the transgressions, the stain that is on all of us. She asks that this be done, if possible, in church with a clergyman and to receive the Eucharist through a clergyman as often as possible.
For now soon will dawn that time when we will be "shaken through."
It feels like an earthquake, but what is meant is again the spiritual quaking.
"Make yourselves ready," She says.
"Make yourselves ready. Prepare your soul, purify your soul.
Strengthen your faith. Confess your sins. And find peace in your Lord Jesus Christ.
Give thanks for your trust. Give thanks.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."