Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie


59th message from December 20, 2022 

Jesus Christ "The Oceans”


The apparition begins.
Jesus Christ says, "I have something to show you. Are you ready?"
When asked, He confirms His presence, "I am the Lord, my child. I am the Lord. I am Jesus Christ."
Asked by the seer to present His wounds, He said:
"I am the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for you and for all for the forgiveness of sins."
He is then seen hanging on the cross, wearing a crown of thorns.
It is a very painful suffering. Drops of blood run down from the puncture holes of the thorns.
A puncture can also be felt, probably made on the rib cage, near a rib.
"Is this enough for you?" asks Jesus.

"Then come along now. Get ready.
I'm going to take you with me. I want to give a warning."

Jesus and the visionary enter the already familiar tunnel of light made of colors.
This is followed by a vision of water.
A giant wave appears. It emanates from the sea and washes over the land.

"Warn your brothers and sisters of the coming flood. The water will overflow its banks. The water will then no longer be your friend. Until now it was your friend, but it turns against the people.
It will overflow its banks and take revenge. For pollution, for fish deaths, for the selfish use of the seas, which should serve the capital of the people.
The water will rise. The water, the seas of the world will rise up against the people and destroy large parts of the land.
But don't get me wrong. It is not that the water has a will of its own.
It is rather that, in a sense, "the pendulum" is swinging back for the pollutions and selfish uses of the seas that mankind has committed and continues to commit. And it is a cry of nature that indicates that something has gone wrong here.
It is, so to speak, a logical consequence, not in the sense of the water's own will, but as a logical consequence of nature, which now wants to purify itself. Because it is also subject to the purification process. It is important for a peaceful and successful life on earth that mankind cooperates with the water and the seas and does not pollute and poison and destroy them.
There will be flooding. There will be flooding of large coastal areas. The people on the coasts will need help."
"Whale deaths. Fish kills."
"Respect the water, Respect the oceans. Respect nature and live mindfully with it."

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit."