Himmelsbotschaften an Melanie

Das Licht der Heiligen Maria

5th message from January 25, 2021 

The Blessed Virgin Mary -"Dress Rehearsal" for the Last Day

Mary Speaks: "The war has begun. The last war."
Against the blue black night sky, the sphere of light is seen.
Mary shows the sphere very close.
I see it in my inner eye very large and very close in front of me.
It seems to me as if Mary wants to say with it that it is temporally near.
I.e., that the Last Day is drawing near.

"Tell the people about this orb.
Prepare them for their conversion. Tell them there is a possibility for them to find their way back to God.
Tell them about Jesus; what you have seen; what S. knows (about Him).
Tell the people about the virtues.
Tell people about the sphere.
Tell people about the love of God, about His all-encompassing love.
About the possibility to return to God. As long as one had moved away.
He will welcome everyone with open arms.
He will wash them clean of their sins.
He will be like a loving father."

Jesus appears.
Jesus is still a bit more stark of charisma.
He's really big. I almost go into a half trance when He arrives.
He has such a strong charisma.
He radiates this...I have to bend down a little more in front of Him...radiates this white pink light.
Silence...completely bowed before Him, with the hands and forehead on the ground
... "Lord have I done something wrong?"

Jesus: "I want to show you how it will be...when the day comes."

He radiates and stretches His power so strongly into space that you can't help but just prostrate yourself before Him.
Just like you see Muslims do in the mosques.
I crouched down, my head on my hands on the floor.
One has this need.
He exudes something hard to describe.

It's like a soul-searching, like "I'm x-raying you."
It feels like He can look into your soul...of course He can and that's how it feels and that He is already looking through your soul with a stern look.
You have no other choice but to kneel down, to throw yourself to the ground before His power, that's how I feel now.

"Stand up my child!"
I cry.
"I love you! You have nothing to fear."
"Yes Lord thank you!"
"I reach out my hand to you! Feel my love! You are my beloved child! Let go of your sins!"

He put His hand on my head.
I stood and commute without influence.

"Let me wash your soul clean! The remaining "garbage", let go of everything that holds you back.
You have nothing to fear from me. You are my beloved child!"

"Thank you" I cry bitterly.
"I surrender my transgressions to you, I am sorry!"

"You have a pure heart.
Tell your brothers and sisters about my love.
Tell them what I can do.
I will liberate the world!"

I cry a lot.

"Let me heal your heart!"
I knelt down again and cried.
Then I got up to blow my nose and He put His arm around my shoulders and walked with me to the sofa.
I sat down and then He left.
That was it.